Things That Piss Me Off In Video Games

This is for both classic and modern games.

Escort Missions- A mission where you have to protect someone, and it gets really fucking annoying if they get harmed and you have to start over again.

Stupid Save Systems- Now, most games today have save systems where you can just press pause and save or where the game autosaves, but some still have fucking idiotic save systems, like how in most RPG’s you save with a save point or in Pokemon games, even though you press pause to save, the save system is still stupid for only having one fucking save file.

Long Load Times- Imagine you’re trying to play a game, and it takes a long time to get started because of the ridiculous load times. Yeah, that really sucks.

Graphics Whores- People who value visuals over fun in a video game. They’re fucking disgraces to gaming and should get over the graphics.

I’ll update this list later.


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