So I Was Looking At The Site Stats…

And it turns out no one visits my blog. I have a total of six views. Yes, from August 2010 up until now, I’ve only gotten six hits. Am I surprised? Honestly, no. For one, it’s extremely hard for any blog to get any sort of attention. Most blogs get very little views, and for now, mine isn’t any different. And two, it’s my own damn fault for not posting enough. This month was the first time I posted anything since August 2010. Yes, nearly a year without updating. Why would anyone want to visit a blog with such little content? Thankfully, this is free and I’m not paying anything just to get no views. Hopefully in the future, I’ll get visitors who like my blog enough to keep visiting. Until then, all I can do is work on my blog and make sure anyone who visits is interested enough to keep coming back.


Fuck The People Who Want To Ban And Censor Video Games

Seriously, fuck you, assholes. It’s people like Jack Thompson (or Jackass Thompson, as I like to call him. Thank fucking god he was disbarred) that really piss me off. These are the kind of shitheads who think it’s a good idea to ban or censor violent or otherwise questionable video games. Why? Because you claim it makes people violent? Well I play video games and not once have I had any sort of desire to rip someone’s spine out or run over hookers. So why should you take away video games from me, when I’m a generally responsible and nonviolent person? Is it because kids get access to them? Well tell the parents not to fucking buy their kids Grand Theft Auto or Mortal Kombat. It’s not the game’s fault kids are playing it. Did you know video games can actually be good for you? It’s true. They can be good for intelligence and they can increase mental capabilities, but that’s for another article. The point is, don’t fuck with our video games. People like me are responsible, mature, nonviolent, and can play a damn game without thoughts of violence. So fuck you and let me play my video games, asshole!

Where’s The Appeal In Twitter?

Seriously. Twitter is one of the most overrated sites of all time. What the hell do people like about it so much? I don’t see anything special about it, and I don’t know why everyone else does, either. I mean, they claim they want  to update to fans and friends. Well, that’s what a fucking blog is for. To be fair, though, Twitter is substantially more popular than any blog I know of, so I guess it is useful for updates, somewhat. However, my biggest problem is that it’s a micro blogging service, with a 140 character limit. Yes, 140 characters. And I thought YouTube’s character limit was bad, but this is just plain retarded. The worst part is that people are actually praising the limit as if it’s a good thing. How so? With a character limit like that, you get a lot of updates that look like these examples: “I ate waffles today.” “I just took a big shit.” “I went to the movies.” Is that what you call a good thing? I don’t think so. Perhaps one of you can tell me why Twitter is so great. Until then, fuck Twitter.

My Biggest Fear

Spiders. I fucking hate spiders. I have really bad arachnophobia. If a tarantula was crawling on me, you know what I would do? First I would scream and yell for someone to get the ugly little fucker off me. Then I would probably start crying and I would definitely start freaking out. Then when someone finally gets it off me, I’d probably continue crying and run away from it. Then I would probably keep crying for a little bit. Now you probably don’t give a shit about my arachnophobia or you think I’m a pussy because I said I would cry, but I wanted to share my biggest fear with the world, and I can guarantee that I wouldn’t cry for almost anything else. Also, if I just saw the tarantula, I wouldn’t cry. I would still freak out and run away from it, though. In short, I wish spiders would all go extinct and get replaced with something else that eats twice as many insects and is a lot less scary.

I Wish Dinosaurs Were Still Around

Why? Because dinosaurs are fucking awesome. If they were still alive, I’d raise a Tyrannosaurus Rex and ride it everywhere, from school, to home, to my dad’s house, to restaurants, to Canada, to friends houses, and everywhere you can ride to. Also, I want to know what dinosaur tastes like. Dinosaurs would make great pets, too. Why did dinosaurs have to go extinct? I guess there’s just no fucking justice in this world.