My Biggest Fear

Spiders. I fucking hate spiders. I have really bad arachnophobia. If a tarantula was crawling on me, you know what I would do? First I would scream and yell for someone to get the ugly little fucker off me. Then I would probably start crying and I would definitely start freaking out. Then when someone finally gets it off me, I’d probably continue crying and run away from it. Then I would probably keep crying for a little bit. Now you probably don’t give a shit about my arachnophobia or you think I’m a pussy because I said I would cry, but I wanted to share my biggest fear with the world, and I canĀ guarantee that I wouldn’t cry for almost anything else. Also, if I just saw the tarantula, I wouldn’t cry. I would still freak out and run away from it, though. In short, I wish spiders would all go extinct and get replaced with something else that eats twice as many insects and is a lot less scary.


About Mr. Awesome

Hey everyone, I'm Mr. Awesome.

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