Where’s The Appeal In Twitter?

Seriously. Twitter is one of the most overrated sites of all time. What the hell do people like about it so much? I don’t see anything special about it, and I don’t know why everyone else does, either. I mean, they claim they want  to update to fans and friends. Well, that’s what a fucking blog is for. To be fair, though, Twitter is substantially more popular than any blog I know of, so I guess it is useful for updates, somewhat. However, my biggest problem is that it’s a micro blogging service, with a 140 character limit. Yes, 140 characters. And I thought YouTube’s character limit was bad, but this is just plain retarded. The worst part is that people are actually praising the limit as if it’s a good thing. How so? With a character limit like that, you get a lot of updates that look like these examples: “I ate waffles today.” “I just took a big shit.” “I went to the movies.” Is that what you call a good thing? I don’t think so. Perhaps one of you can tell me why Twitter is so great. Until then, fuck Twitter.

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