Fuck The People Who Want To Ban And Censor Video Games

Seriously, fuck you, assholes. It’s people like Jack Thompson (or Jackass Thompson, as I like to call him. Thank fucking god he was disbarred) that really piss me off. These are the kind of shitheads who think it’s a good idea to ban or censor violent or otherwise questionable video games. Why? Because you claim it makes people violent? Well I play video games and not once have I had any sort of desire to rip someone’s spine out or run over hookers. So why should you take away video games from me, when I’m a generally responsible and nonviolent person? Is it because kids get access to them? Well tell the parents not to fucking buy their kids Grand Theft Auto or Mortal Kombat. It’s not the game’s fault kids are playing it. Did you know video games can actually be good for you? It’s true. They can be good for intelligence and they can increase mental capabilities, but that’s for another article. The point is, don’t fuck with our video games. People like me are responsible, mature, nonviolent, and can play a damn game without thoughts of violence. So fuck you and let me play my video games, asshole!


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