How Dr. Mario Is Better Than Tetris

Originally Published August 26, 2010

This might create a little controversy, considering how everyone seems to think that Tetris is the greatest puzzle game ever, but in my opinion, those people are wrong. There are two puzzlers I like more than Tetris, and they are Wario’s Woods and Dr. Mario. I’ll get to Wario’s Woods in another article. Now, I love Tetris and recognize it as one of the greatest games ever, but in my opinion, Dr. Mario is a better game and I will explain why.

1. It has a character- Yes, having a character helps out. It also doesn’t hurt that the character is Mario. Let me just say this: Mario. As a doctor.  Need I say more?

2. Better Visuals- I know graphics don’t make the game, but sometimes it helps. I’m talking about in game graphics here, not title screens or endings. In Tetris, there are blocks of different shapes and sizes. In Dr. Mario, there are red, blue, and yellow viruses that move around. The pills are also red, yellow, and blue. I also like how the screen is a pill bottle. The game is more colorful and better looking.

3. Better Music- This is just an opinion, but if you ask me, Dr. Mario has better music. The “Fever” theme is the more popular one and it’s also a great theme, but “Chill” is a great theme, too. It only has two songs, but both of them are really good and overall better than any version of Tetris.

4. Better Gameplay- The last and most important reason, Dr. Mario has better, more fun, and more strategic gameplay. In Tetris, you line up all the blocks in a row to eliminate them. In Dr. Mario, you need to match the pills with viruses of the same color, like blue pills with blue viruses, and in the later stages, it gets more challenging because you try not to screw up with the colors and it causes you to think fast or lose. Also, when you kill a virus, in the bottom left, whatever color virus is killed falls down, and when you eliminate all viruses of the same color, it disappears.

Like I said, both Tetris and Dr. Mario are great games, but I prefer Dr. Mario any day. That is all. Peace out.


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