How Old Does A Video Game Have To Be To Be Considered Classic?

Originally Published September 1, 2010

You see, that’s a very interesting question, because no one seems to agree on an accepted “age” for a game to be retro. Well I am going to explore that with this article.

In my opinion, a game is classic when it’s 10 years old, so any game made on September 1st, 2000 and before is classic. You may think that’s too young, but hey, some people consider Grand Theft Auto III a classic game. Just consider this: In 2008, people considered Ocarina Of Time a classic. In 2002, people probably considered A Link To The Past classic. And in 2001, I’m pretty sure people considered the original Sonic The Hedgehog a classic. Plus, 10, to me, just seems like a number that would be used in that way. I mean 1 decade, to me, sounds old, but that may be because I was six, almost seven, at the time.

So yeah, for me, ten is the age to be considered classic. I know some will disagree, but that’s just my opinion. That is all. Peace out.

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