Well, Just Like I Said…

I published all the articles from my old blog, retrogamingisbest.wordpress.com, onto my current blog. The reason is that when I made my site popcultureheaven.webs.com, I wanted to move all my articles onto my site. Why? Because, even though my first website was back in 2008, every site and blog I made I gave up on and deleted. However, Retro Gaming Is Best was the first blog I truly paid attention to. I really thought that RGIB was going to be the website I stuck with and I stayed with it for over three months. However, I decided I wanted a website that was about more than video games, and thus I deleted the site and Pop Culture Heaven was born. Before deleting the blog, though, I wanted to save those articles because they were the beginning of my blogging. However, I only made one article and some forums, and then it was eight months of no activity, so guess what I did? I deleted Pop Culture Heaven, today. I brought my articles from RGIB over to here because of how important to me they are. And my article from PCH? It was a review of Yoshi’s Island. It wasn’t anything special, so I didn’t even bother bringing it to my blog. Anyways, you may be gone, but I’ll never forget you, RGIB. Without you, I wouldn’t be blogging.


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Hey everyone, I'm Mr. Awesome.

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