It’s Back…

Beavis And Butthead

What’s back, you ask? Why, it’s Beavis And Butt-Head, silly! One of the greatest and funniest fucking animated shows of all time, Beavis And Butt-Head is getting all new episodes after a nearly 14 year hiatus with an episode titled “Werewolves Of Highland”, which is a Twilight parody, and “Crying”, in which Beavis cries after watching The Bachelor (although it’s actually an onion that makes Beavis cry, Butt-Head is convinced that Beavis cried because of watching The Bachelor) tonight at 10 on MTV. I can’t fucking wait. I’m recording it. And like someone on the internet said, it finally gives MTV a reason to start playing music videos again.


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One thought on “It’s Back…

  1. rarebreedlbc says:

    So happy they’re back!! Been gone too long!!

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