Yet Another Update

Man, I have a lot of updates on my blog, don’t I? At this point, your probably thinking “Man, this guy must be doing updates as filler or something.” Fuck you. No, just kidding. You’re probably right. Anyways, I haven’t posted anything in nearly a month, so let me fill you in. Basically, the reason it’s taking me so long to post something new is a combination of laziness and not being near a computer. Another reason is an article I’ve been working on called “My Top 10 Favorite Sitcoms Of All Time.” It will be worth the wait, because I believe it will definitely be my best article yet, or at least tied with my Spirited Away review. I’m about halfway finished with it. It’s definitely more work than I expected, but I will try to have it out by next week, hopefully. Also, I’m going to create an About page, but I don’t know when I’ll put that up. It could be a week, it could be three months. Until next time, have a fucking horrible… uh, I mean nice day. Yeah, nice, that’s what I meant.

About Mr. Awesome

Hey everyone, I'm Mr. Awesome.

One thought on “Yet Another Update

  1. mattgraal says:

    Logan. Your awesome! You online now?

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