Drew Linky And Dero Man

Hey there, guys. I want to give a shout out to Drew Linky and Dero Man, who are brothers who do shit on the internet. They’re Sydlexians, just like me, so they’re already pretty cool. They have some great videos on YouTube, too. Dero Man has a series of videos called Dero’s Adventurous Car Rides, which are hilarious. Here’s an example:

I like these videos because they’re just two brothers fucking around and taking rides, which is a refreshing change of pace from all the corporations that post videos on YouTube now.

Drew Linky also has some good videos, like his Chiptunes:

You should check out their videos and subscribe to them. Also, check out Drew Linky’s writing at Retrodrome. He’s really good. Here’s his first article:  http://retrodrome.net/index.php/user-articles/87-games/89-oot-and-bq

You should check their shit out. They’re really cool people.


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