Introducing myself.

Well, howdy there! I’m one of the newest writers, Brendan Hryciuk. I’ll just give you some little facts about myself, and what I’ll be writing about.

I’m 5’11, 17 years old, I go to high school, and I’m working on getting into shape as I have finally received some workout equipment.

I take much pride in sports, mainly hockey and Canadian football. Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m Canadian. My favourite NHL teams are the Winnipeg Jets (I’m from there), the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Montreal Canadiens. My favourite players are Sidney Crosby, Evander Kane, Jarome Iginla, PK Subban, Carey Price, Ondrej Pavalec, Evgeni Malkin, and some others but those are the main ones! My all time favourite player is Wayne Gretzky.

For Canadian football, I like my one team the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. One of the most successful teams ever in the league, but lately they have had trouble which sucks, but oh well. My favourite CFL players are Buck Pierce, Clarence Denmark, Cory Watson, and some more. My all time favourite player is Milt Stegall.

Now, I’m quite the gamer. I play any system, I’m not biased, but more than 90 percent of the time, my favourite game or console is on / a Nintendo system. My all time favourite game is Skyward Sword, and favourite series is The Legend of Zelda. I’ve spent my entire life playing Zelda, and I don’t plan to change it. My favourite game on the Xbox / 360 is Halo 4, and on any PlayStation console, my favourite game is The Legend of Dragoon. Some other great games I love are Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy VII, The Last Story, Pokemon Gold, etc.

Now, you basically know me. I will be writing about video games, anything from reviews to rants to discussions, and some about sports. Stay tuned! Thanks!

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