What’s New In Hockey? Part 1

What’s new in the good ol’ world of hockey you ask? A good amount, indeed.

Starting off with the WHL, but oh wait, you may have never heard of the WHL. Well, let me explain it as easy as possible. The Canadian Hockey League consists of three leagues, the Western Hockey League, the Ontario Hockey League, and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Every three years, the same league will get to host the MasterCard Memorial Cup, while whoever wins each league in the playoffs will go to the Memorial Cup, and the host team gets a bye into the tournament. If the home team wins the playoffs, the team that they beat in the finals will also be entered into the tournament despite losing. The Memorial Cup has been said to be one of the hardest championships to ever win in the history of sports, due to you only get a maximum of five years to win it, depending on how old you are when you make the league.

Now that is out of the way, let’s begin with my favourite team, the Brandon Wheat Kings. Their regular season ended last night with a 2-1 victory in a shootout over the Moose Jaw Warriors. But this season was where they dropped the ball. With plenty of young players and inconsistent play of the players and goaltenders, they finished the season with a 24-40-4-4 record for 56 points. The Wheat Kings are the most successful team in the history of the CHL, with most wins in the regular season, although they have never won a Memorial Cup. In the 1978-79 season, they had 125 points at the end of the year with a 58-5-9 record, making and still holding to this day, the CHL record for most points in a single season. They have made the playoffs for over ten years straight, and a few weeks ago, due to a loss, they were eliminated from playoff competition, making the amazing streak come to an end. They hope to rebound next year and be back in the playoffs like they always are, the team has a winning tradition, but every team goes through this and has to rebuild sometime.

Now, the team that is hosting the 2013 Memorial Cup is the Saskatoon Blades, and they are looking better than ever. They started off the year with little to no discipline in games, constantly taking bad penalties, and what would be considered rock bottom for a championship team. They had a below .500 record to start the season, with a 10-1 loss to the Swift Current Broncos, and the inconsistency of the players stuck with them until after the January 10th trade deadline. They started a game winning streak which went on for 18 games, and a 19 game point streak, but it ended with a bad loss. They kept going though, they had a new attitude towards the end of the season, and that sure showed with their 44-22-2-4 record with 94 points. They look for success in the playoffs and the chance to win their first ever Memorial Cup championship.

Now, that’s all I’ll cover of CHL today, but now onto the NHL.

What’s funny is, my top three favourite teams in the NHL are all eastern teams, and they’re all in the top three of the eastern conference. Pittsburgh at first with a 22-8 record for 44 points, Montreal at second with a 19-5-4 record for 42 points, and the Winnipeg Jets have a record of 15-12-2 for 32 points, and stand at third in the conference. The Winnipeg Jets are my number one team, the Penguins are my second, and Montreal is my third. The Jets played today and lost 4-1 to the worst Canadian team in the NHL (the Ottawa Senators), thanks to bad and biased officiating. The Pittsburgh Penguins took on one of the two worst teams in America, one of the three worst teams in the NHL (the Boston Bruins), and won 2-1 despite being heavily outplayed. The Nashville Predators and the Edmonton Oilers also play today, as do Buffalo and Washington. Now how about Sidney Crosby? His chemistry with Kunitz is a big reason why he’s leading the league in points. He has 13 goals, 35 assists for 48 points, while Kunitz has 18 goals, 22 assists for 40 points, while the bum known as Steven Stamkos trails Sidney Crosby by 10 points. Sidney Crosby is definitely the best in the NHL in today’s league, and people may complain and say he’s a cry baby, but who’s the one that gets all the points? Every normal captain or player gets frustrated on the ice and will complain to the ref when needed, so it’s not just him, which is why plenty of people are so stupid.

That’s all for today, but stay tuned for more hockey news!


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