Lovely Work Experience!

All right, it’s Brendan, and I guess I’ll also be writing about whatever is going on in my daily life whenever I feel in the mood to.

This week for school, my whole grade is away on work experience, where basically we miss a week of school to go to work with a parent or whoever you want that has a very good career. I’ve been planning this for at least over a year now, but I’ve decided to go to work experience with my dad.

I live in a small town of 1,000 people somewhere around Brandon, and he lives in Winnipeg which happens to be the best place on earth to me, but also explains why I like the sports teams from Winnipeg so much.

So basically, I arrived on Winnipeg Friday night after the most horrible day anyone could have. I got to Brandon at about 11:00, had to wait in the cold truck until 1:00 for my uncle to get done his physio, I make my way to the bus station to get my bus ticket for 5:35. At 5:00 I go to the bus station so I can make sure I get a good seat, the bus arrives at 5:35 right on time, makes everyone wait until 6:00, but it turns out his breaks are freezing. So he says until they are working, we can’t catch the bus. After awhile, he says the bus will not be running, so then he says some of us will be able to catch the 7:00 bus that arrives from the west. That bus arrived, and I waited outside for an hour behind a few people to get on that bus, but that bus was packed, and they let everyone that was heading east that was on the other bus before they arrived at the station get on first. Then they let everyone that are by themselves on, which was me, so this was my chance. I made my way to the front of the bus, the guy let two people cut infront of me, then what’s that? I was behind one guy who was about to get on the bus, and the driver says the bus is full. Isn’t that nice? So not only did I wait outside in -40 weather for an hour for nothing, but now I have to wait until 10:15 for a bus that has been called specifically to pick all of us up. That bus got there on time, and I see that a lot of people had left since the cancellation of the other bus, so I get on, and we start rolling. There must’ve been only 15-20 other people on that bus than me, and it was almost pitch black from my view in the seat, and it was SO quiet and a very relaxing bus ride. I waited to get on the bus for five and a half hours, but waited around for ten hours in that day from everything I did. Wasn’t very pleasant.

Now anyways, here I am at my dad’s work place waiting for the day to start. He wakes me up at 5:30 to eat my breakfast, get a ride with his girlfriend to Tim Hortons and then to his work, and I’m writing this on the laptop right now. Yep, I have to be awake at 5:30 every day just for this work experience to get a school credit… But it’ll definitely be worth it. Wake up early for a week and not have to take a course? Very big yes for me. As I look forward to the day, I’m signing off now. Thanks for reading guys, and seeing the pain I have to go through, haha.


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