I’m back!

Hey everyone, it’s Brendan. I haven’t blogged for over two weeks due to being busy with my personal life, but I’ve found time to do it again. As for my blogs that I write about, I am discontinuing the sports one because very few people have interest in it, plus I don’t want my own personal bias to get in the way of other peoples opinions.

Now, what have I been up to lately? Well, the week after work experience, I did some driving and got my license on March 28. What a day that was. I work up at 8:30, went driving with my uncle and the parallel parking poles were out and I haven’t parallel parked for over 9 months, so I couldn’t get it right, and I was doing what I was taught by my teacher. It just happened to be that I needed to keep backing into the space just a bit more, is what my teacher taught me. I perfected it, took my test at 1:15, got it done in five minutes, no joke, and passed. 

Then since then it’s been working out and school… but I’ve finally made it to one of the most beautiful places in gaming… for the second time. I’m at Sky Keep in Skyward Sword, which happens to be such an amazing dungeon in my own opinion, and the music in the entrance to it is just… wow. Everything about Skyward Sword amazes me, I honestly can’t stand when people say the controls didn’t work or that it’s a bad Zelda game, it’s nowhere near those statements.

Anyways, moving on. I’ll be posting some more things about video games sooner or later! Stay tuned!


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