WrestleMania 29 Review


How about this? I got to see WrestleMania 29 at my friend’s house, and it was awesome. Here’s a comment on each match:

The Miz Defeated Wade Barrett For The Intercontinental Championship– Unfortunately, I didn’t see this match, as it was on the pre-show, but I do know that The Miz won the Intercontinental Championship, before losing it back to Barrett on the following Raw.

The Shield Defeated Sheamus, Randy Orton, And Big Show– This was a pretty good match. This is actually the first time I’ve seen The Shield wrestle, and in this match, which they won, proved that they are a powerful team to be feared and respected. The highlight was when Big Show speared all three members of The Shield. I actually thought Big Show was going to join The Shield on Raw, after he KO punched both of his teammates after the match, and not coming in to break up the pinfall although that didn’t happen.

Mark Henry Defeated Ryback- This was one match that the fans weren’t really into. Maybe I’m just hearing things, but I’m pretty sure I heard the fans boo both wrestlers, which is odd, considering Ryback’s popularity. I thought it was an okay match. I’m glad Mark Henry won, as I’m not a fan of Ryback. I feel as if he needs to develop a more original gimmick (too Goldbergy) and he was pushed to the main event scene without really proving himself. I thought the way the match ended was pretty cool, with Henry landing on Ryback.

Team Hell No Defeated Dolph Ziggler And Big E. Langston And Retained The Tag Team Championship- I have to say, this match was pretty disappointing. Not only was it the second shortest match (with the pre-show match being the shortest), but it wasn’t really a title match caliber bout, especially considering it was on WrestleMania. On Raw, yeah, this would have been a good match, but not on the biggest wrestling event of the year. It was yet another disappointing loss for Dolph Ziggler, though he did win the World Heavyweight Championship the next night. I am, however happy that Team Hell No won. I’m a fan of both Kane and Daniel Bryan, and with their lengthy title reign, they’re actually a great team, despite being mostly comedic.

Fandango Defeated Chris Jericho- This match truly surprised me. Not in terms of quality, but how it turned out. I mean, come on, I thought Chris Jericho was going to squash Fandango. I have to say, after weeks of not wrestling due to people not pronouncing his name right, I really didn’t see the potential in Fandango and thought he was just going to be another jobber, or worse, forgotten entirely. I was proven wrong however, and Fandango truly impressed me by defeating the veteran Chris Jericho, who started wrestling almost 25 years ago. The match was pretty good, but it’s more noteworthy due to having one of the most impressive debuts of all time.

Alberto Del Rio Defeated Jack Swagger And Retained The World Heavyweight Championship- They truly dropped the ball with this one. Even more so than the Tag Team Championship bout, this match was, without a doubt, the most disappointing match on the card. No, it wasn’t the worst match on the card, but it should have been far better than it was. First of all, there was a great storyline behind it. Alberto Del Rio embodied the American Dream as an immigrant who made it big after coming to this country, and Jack Swagger played the part of the bigoted, anti-immigrant, ultra Conservative heel. Both men are also good wrestlers. Also, it was a fucking main event, for Christ’s sake. Sure, this match would have been good on Raw or Smackdown, but as a WrestleMania main event? Come on, now. Disappointment aside, it was a decent match.

Undertaker Defeated CM Punk This is where things truly picked up, and it was easily the best match on the card. Was there ever any doubt? The storyline was simply phenomenal, with CM Punk disrespecting Paul Bearer week after week, at one point even dumping the urn on Undertaker. That was truly some of the best heel work I’ve ever seen. Not to mention that both are amazing wrestlers. Undertaker is one of the most legendary wrestlers to lace up a pair of boots, and has had many amazing matches against the likes of Mick Foley, Yokozuna, Kane, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H, among many others. CM Punk, on the other hand, is perhaps the best wrestler today, and will no doubt be a future legend. The match itself was great, with both wrestlers pushing each other to the limit. Some of the highlights include CM Punk kicking out of the Tombstone and CM Punk doing an amazing elbow drop to the outside while Undertaker was on a table. Amazingly, it didn’t break. Eventually, Undertaker won, making the streak 21-0, and cementing himself as the greatest wrestler of all time (really, he did that long ago). Of course we knew he was going to win, but who cares? Several times I was worried he was going to lose, but he didn’t. This was a fantastic match all the way.

Triple H Defeated Brock Lesnar In A No Holds Barred Match- This was another excellent match, and a pretty brutal one at that, considering WWE’s PG direction. I give both men credit for putting on such a great match for two reasons. First of all, there was their highly anticipated Summerslam match (which I didn’t see, unfortunately) and I’m pretty sure many fans were less interested in this one. Second, they had to follow the incredible match that was Undertaker vs. CM Punk. They did, however, pull it off. This truly was an intense bout, with both men throwing everything they had at each other. Brock even managed to throw Triple H through the seemingly unbreakable announce table. Both men locked in the Kimura Lock three times. It all ended when Triple H used the sledgehammer and hit The Pedigree on the steel steps. It was truly a great match. I’m interested in how the third match will turn out.

John Cena Defeated The Rock For The WWE Championship- This was the final match of the night. After hours of wrestling, the fans were probably starting to get tired. Fortunately, this was a good match. Sure, it wasn’t as good as the two matches before it, but it was still good. Even though this is a rematch from last year’s WrestleMania, the feeling of two different generation’s biggest stars is still there. I’m glad John Cena won. Even though I prefer The Rock, John Cena truly deserved to win the title, especially considering the shitty year he’s had. I don’t care what anyone says, I like John Cena and simply do not get all the unjustified hate he receives. For example, every time Cena got the advantage, he got a shit ton of boos. Same as when they showed respect at the end. However, he was facing The Rock, and I’m sure the fans would have booed pretty much anyone facing him. Overall, it was a great match, especially with both men doing a lot of counters. I have to say, I don’t think The Rock will be returning.

Overall, I think WrestleMania was great. However, there were some disappointments. Like I said, the tag team match could have been better. Also, where the hell are the Divas? There was seriously no Divas match? I mean, I know WWE’s women’s division isn’t taken seriously by the company, but this is just ridiculous. I also wasn’t too into P. Diddy’s set. Nothing against him, it just didn’t seem like he was too enthusiastic. Also, there was supposed to be a match between Tons Of Funk with The Funkadactyls and Team Rhodes Scholars with The Bella Twins, but despite being advertised on WrestleMania itself, it never aired due to time constraints. Also, I feel as if they could have gotten rid of the commercials and dedicated more time to wrestling. The biggest disappointment was the supposedly main event World Heavyweight Championship match. At least it’s better than the 18 second match at WM28. However, other than those complaints, the undercard action was pretty good, if not spectacular. The WHC match was still good, despite being a huge disappointment. Fandango truly impressed me when he defeated Chris Jericho. Not to mention that you had two absolutely amazing main event matches and one really good one. I’m really glad I was able to watch WrestleMania. I know a lot of people were disappointed with this WrestleMania compared to the previous WrestleMania’s, but as someone who hasn’t watched a WrestleMania or any Pay-Per-View since WrestleMania XXIV, I thought it was great. I hope I can watch WrestleMania XXX. I’m definitely excited.



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