TheSonicRainboom Analyzes: Cutie Marks in ‘Magic Mystery Cure’

Yeah, it’s high time I finally veer off the path of video games and write something movie or TV-related. What better way to kick that off than with one of my favorite cartoons on TV as of now, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Now, before I even get started, let me repeat: this is a MLP article. If you don’t like this show, don’t read it. I’m protected from the whole “ponyfag” debate, being as I’m a girl, and therefore part of My Little Pony’s targeted audience.


So without further adieu, let’s jump right into this.

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Top Fifteen Creepy Things In Gaming

I could have picked anything for my first top ten. Rather than being normal and doing something like “Top Ten Boss Battles” or “Top Ten Hardest Bosses,” I have chosen to go the more demented route. Turn off your lights, kick your siblings out of the room and make sure it’s at least two in the morning, for we are about to enter the world of creepypasta. For anyone that didn’t know, a creepypasta is the internet equivalent of a campfire story: it is a story made to scare people. However, this list isn’t quite creepypasta exclusive. This also includes theories, Easter eggs, and shit that is just plain ‘scary’.

Now, let me say in advance that, while a lot of stuff on is unsettling, disturbing, creepy, and just downright bizarre, remember: these are just video games. They’re not real life. If your friend tries to tell you that a stuffed plush of Tails can emerge from your game disc and murder you with a butcher’s knife, they’re probably lying. Or drunk. So without further adieu, here’s my top fifteen creepy things in gaming.

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I can’t believe it, but in such a short amount of time, Happy Katana has already gotten 2000 hits. What’s amazing about this is that we reached 1000 less than three months ago on March 23. Even more amazing, at the beginning of the year, Happy Katana only had 469 views in total. Yes, that is from August 10, 2010-January 1, 2o13. Yet within just 6 months, we multiplied that amount by nearly 5. This is an awesome accomplishment, and once I again, I have to thank everyone who made this possible. Thank you, Matt, Brendan, and Ashley, for being such awesome writers. Thank you, JEW, for designing the amazing header and replacing the piece of shit old one. And last, but most certainly not least, I want to thank everyone who took the time to check this site out and see what we’re all about. All of you guys are fucking amazing! I can’t wait till 3000!

PlayStation4 Vs Xbox One: Which is better?

At this year’s E3 gaming convention, Sony finally revealed the long-awaited details on their eighth generation gaming console. Come Christmas 2013, the hot items are going to be, once again, either something from Microsoft or something from Sony. The PlayStation4 and Xbox One are going to be the thing every kid wants under their tree (well, maybe a bit later for PS4 due to the December 31th release date). In the age-old war of PlayStation Vs Xbox, who has come out on top in the latest round of gaming consoles? It all comes down to opinion and what you’re looking for, but I’m going to take a critical look at both to decide which is “better”. Note: neither of these systems have been released yet, and so what I say in here may not apply to the final version of each system. This is a prediction based on what we already know, and both companies may change the product in the meantime.

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BioShock Review

This review is back from February, and I don’t really like editing my original reviews, but here!

Well, I started BioShock a month and a half ago, after making it partway through Neptune’s Bounty I decided to quit since I didn’t understand what was going on at all, but my brother asked me this “Would you kindly just play the game?”, and that managed to work like it always does. 😛 I just beat it right before writing this review, and man, it was a fantastic game.

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Wojtek Jurzyk’s Awesome Graphic Design

Check out Mr. Jurzyk’s Deviant Art:

As you can see, he’s really good at graphic design and I think he has a future in advertising, if he wishes to go down that path. I especially like Doodle Board, MANWOLFS 1.3, Jessie Ware WIP, Pappsen, and his custom longboard. Oh, and another thing, he’s Swedish. How awesome is that? So yes, you should check out his shit. I think you’ll like it.