Top Fifteen Creepy Things In Gaming

I could have picked anything for my first top ten. Rather than being normal and doing something like “Top Ten Boss Battles” or “Top Ten Hardest Bosses,” I have chosen to go the more demented route. Turn off your lights, kick your siblings out of the room and make sure it’s at least two in the morning, for we are about to enter the world of creepypasta. For anyone that didn’t know, a creepypasta is the internet equivalent of a campfire story: it is a story made to scare people. However, this list isn’t quite creepypasta exclusive. This also includes theories, Easter eggs, and shit that is just plain ‘scary’.

Now, let me say in advance that, while a lot of stuff on is unsettling, disturbing, creepy, and just downright bizarre, remember: these are just video games. They’re not real life. If your friend tries to tell you that a stuffed plush of Tails can emerge from your game disc and murder you with a butcher’s knife, they’re probably lying. Or drunk. So without further adieu, here’s my top fifteen creepy things in gaming.

Warning: This article contains disturbing images and video. Viewer (reader?) discretion is advised.
15. Children of Goldshire/ The Upside-Down Sinners – World of Warcraft

upsidedownsinnersx 266312214_1a61bffc29_z

Type: Easter Eggs

The Story: These are two of the most infamous Easter eggs in World of Warcraft. They are both things that exist in-game, and are both somewhat unsettling. First, the Upside-Down Sinners. This incomplete location is found near Khazrazan and cannot be reached without the use of glitches. It is a dungeon that was abandoned and sealed off due to it’s darker tones, which would conflict with WoW’s rating. They didn’t want it to be M. This is the original video of it, posted to YouTube in 2006.

As you can see, the dungeon is underwater and features dead bodies hanging from chains and meat hooks, running all the way up to the ceiling. Apparently, it’s design was based off of a Buddhist text. The Upside-Down Sinners is essentially a form of eternal damnation present in World of Warcraft.

As for the Goldshire Children, they are a group of children (obviously) that have long been considered demonic by fans of the game.

At 7:30am server time, the children will spawn and leave the house, running all the way to the Valley of Heroes in Stormwind City, then to Goldshire, up the road toward Northshire Abbey to where the river meets Mirror Lake, and back to their house. They stay in a pentagram formation the whole time, and each time they reach a destination, they stop for about ten minutes to shift and move around, pointing in different directions. Once the children finish their round, they will enter their room once again. Then a random scary sound file (which can be a banshee scream, a ghoul call, C’Thun saying, “You…..will…..DIE!” or C’Thun saying, “Death is close.”) will play. Here’s a video of them.

My thoughts: You know, I’ll be honest: I have never played World of Warcraft and I really don’t plan to. I’m not into PC gaming, and I prefer Elder Scrolls anyway. However, I’ve heard of these Easter eggs many a time and they are so creepy, they made their way on this list. I’ve heard (but I can’t confirm this for a fact) that the actions of the Goldshire Children are both a reference to the Diablo franchise, and based off of a Stephan King novel called “The Children of the Corn”. Don’t ask me how or why; I haven’t the slightest idea. They are bizarre, and I’m sure that they act that way for a reason. Whether they’re truly possessed, or just a joke from a game designer has never been confirmed. As for the Upside-Down Sinners, yes, it’s creepy,  but stuff like this isn’t unheard of in fantasy MMOs. It was a creative idea, but unfortunately one that fell through.

Read the full story here:

14. Tails Doll Curse – Sonic R


Type: Creepypasta

The Story: The most common rumors are of a doll of Miles ‘Tails’ Prowler from the Sonic the Hedgehog series coming out of the TV screen and brutally killing whoever played the game last. The curse is unlocked by playing the track ‘Radiant Emerald’ and winning as Tails Doll after unlocking everything in the game, and of tagging characters in tag mode as Tails Doll. The story goes like this: Once upon a time, a father bought his son a copy of Sonic R. His son soon beat the game. As the end credits rolled, the doll appeared on the TV screen. The father is curious about this (for whatever reason), so he sneaks into his son’s bedroom to play the game. That night, he is almost murdered by the doll from the game until his wife calls the police. The author claims “to this day, my feet ache and are sore” and  he’s haunted by the murderous doll.

My thoughts: So, here we have a ‘true story’ about a doll version of Tails ESCAPING THE FUCKING GAME and trying to murder people. If there ever was a Creepypasta you could cry “bullshit” over, this is the one. There is no way in hell that a doll ‘escaped’ the game and killed someone.Also, I can assure you that if you called the police and said something along the lines of “Help! I’m being attacked by a doll that came out of my Sega Saturn!” you would get a visit from them, but they’d come with a straightjacket and you’d be institutionalized. So yeah, the Tails Doll Curse is as fake as they come. Rest easy knowing that this one is fake, because most of the ones coming up aren’t.

Read the full story here:

13. Hidden Message – Sonic CD


Type: Easter Egg

The Story: This is an anti-piracy message that was hidden in the game Sonic CD for the Sega CD. At the title screen, you can activate the sound test by pressing Down Down Down Left Right.  To see this message, make sure the numbers read: 46 12 25. After that, you will be taken to the screen pictured above. Of course, if you can deal with that, try watching this video and listening to the music that comes with it.

Way worse.

My thoughts: This one actually does bother me a little. Once again, this one isn’t a myth – it’s an honest to god Easter egg hidden in Sonic CD. This is by far one of the bravest things a video game has ever done. The Japanese text reads “The Joy is Infinite, Sega Enterprises, Portrait by Madjin/Mazin.” That’s not so scary; Sega just wants you to enjoy the endless fun of a game, right? Yeah, sure, unless you know who Madjin/Mazin are. They are the literal translation of Satan. So, what Sega is actually telling you is “Fun with Satan is Infinite.”

12. Luigi’s Shadow – Luigi’s Mansion 


Type: Theory

The Story: Nobody actually knows what this is; some believe it to be a very twisted Easter egg, others say it’s just a coincidental glitch. It is the nature of the Creepypasta to spark debate. Luigi’s Shadow comes from a scene in the game after the power goes out. You are in a room with a few phones. When the lightening flashes in the dark room while Luigi’s on the phone, you can see a shadow of him levitating, his arms spread out.

My thoughts: I’m on the side that tends to think that whoever designed this scene was a sadistic fuck that wanted to get a sick kick by adding something “darker” to an already-creepy game. It wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo put darker images in their games. Just look at the enemies from The Legend of Zelda series, like this.


And this fucking thing.


Seriously, you WILL see The Legend of Zelda  make another appearance in this list.

Either way, I think in the case of Luigi’s Mansion, it’s not a glitch. I think it’s a subtle Easter egg that’s meant to make the E rated game a bit darker than it already was. This YouTuber, TheGamerFromMars, explains it pretty well in this video.

11. GLaDOS  – Portal


Type: Theory

The Story: GLaDOS, the murderous AI that serves as a major antagonist in the Portal series, is possibly one of the funniest video characters ever. All through your endeavors, she taunts you, insults you, and just flat-out acts like a bitch. Yet, you can’t help loving her. However, when you see her for the first time, something seems a bit… off. It’s her shape. She is meant to look like a woman hanging from the machine in the ceiling; this is a fact. If you play the game with the developer commentary on, they say, “GLaDOS, the rogue disk operating system that now runs Aperture Science, went through a bunch of design iterations. Earlier versions included a floating brain, a sprawling, spidery mechanism, and an upside-down version of Botticelli’s Rise of Venus built out of robot parts and wire. Eventually, we settled on a huge mechanical device with a delicate robotic figure dangling out of it, which successfully conveys both GLaDOS’s raw power and her femininity.” But did you know that GLaDOS is actually a prisoner in her own body and wants nothing more than freedom?

My thoughts:  Yeah, I believe this one 110%. Once again, Portal is not a game I’ve played, but like any good writer, I did my research. GLaDOS was originally created when a woman  named Caroline (yeah, a human being) was transformed into this massive piece of machinery. The actual conversation is rather upsetting, to be honest.

The voice actor that played Mr. Johnson refused to read his lines because it seemed too much like rape. Yeah, I agree there. After you defeat GLaDOS, she says, “to be free” and her jerky movements look suspiciously like someone struggling to break free of their bonds. GLaDOS isn’t just a woman hanging from the ceiling, she’s a woman that is fucking bound and gagged.

Still don’t believe me?

glados2 glados

10. Evil Otto – Berzerk


Type: In-Game Event

The Story: Berzerk was a simple Atari shooter that came out in 1980. The premise was basic: shoot your way through pixalated robots and reach the end of the level. The twist is Evil Otto, a smiley face that matches the player’s speed, can go through walls and causes an instant death. What’s so bad about Otto? He’s actually fucking killed people. There are records of two teenagers (19-year-old Jeff Dailey and 18-year-old Peter Burkowski) that died of heart attacks after getting high scores in Berzerk arcade machines. The stress of Otto almost killing them for that long sent them into cardiac arrest.


My thoughts:  This isn’t the Tails Doll here; these are two people that are legitimately listed in medical records as being killed by a video game (well, cardiac arrest, but it was caused by a game). Do I even need to say anything here? Evil Otto killed them. He watched them die… with a smile on his face.

9. Various Lavender Town stories – Pokemon Red, Blue and Green versions


Type: Various

The Story: Ahh, Lavender Town. That simple, small creepy-as-hell place in the Kanto region. It had no gyms, no big stores, and really nothing special besides the Name Rater. Yet, this small little settlement at the foot of Rock Tunnel is the most memorable and mentally scarring place in the entire series. It’s all about ghosts, possession and death. It even holds a Pokemon cemetery, which was quite a shock to kids that played it in the 90s, seeing as Pokemon don’t die – they faint. Well, guess what, kiddo? You’re wrong. Pokemon can die. They can be murdered. There are an ungodly amount of Creepypastas, theories and stories related to Lavender Town, and rather than list one, I’m going to mention a few my favorites briefly.

Lavender Town Syndrome – This Creepypasta deals with the music in Pokemon: Green version, the very first Pokemon game that, due to it’s horrible graphics and sprite designs, never left Japan. However, a lot of people believe there is another reason this game never got an international release. Apparently, the music in  Green’s Lavender Town was an experiment in ‘binaural beats’. It had adverse effects on children that heard it, including headaches, dizziness, nose bleeds, and suicide. Really? Suicide? There is absolutely no way in hell this is true. Remember how hard the Japanese government cracked down on Pokemon after the episode “Electric Solider Porygon” caused seizures? There’s zero chance this was covered up and there’s no proof of it. For those feeling bold, here’s the original audio from Green’s Lavender Town. I hope you don’t, ya know, kill yourself after listening to it.

Also, if you actually believe in this, watch this video.

Pokemon: Creepy Black Version – This is a story. Once upon a time, a kid bought a hacked Pokemon game entitled “Black Version”. The cartridge was black and at first, the game seemed normal, with the exception being that you could control Ghost, a Pokemon that was from the Ghosts of Lavender Town. Enemies got paralyzed with fear and could not attack Ghost, and his attack Curse was a never-miss-one-hit-kill. However, after cursing a Pokemon, it’s Pokeball vanished from the trainer’s roster. After the train ran out of Pokemon, you had the option to Curse a trainer. After exiting battle, if you did Curse them, there would be a tombstone where the trainer was. From there the game was normal, minus Ghost’s Curse, until the Elite Four was defeated. After them, your character ages and appears to be the only living person on the planet. You have no Pokemon at this point and must walk to Lavender Town, seeing nothing but gravestones where all the NPCs used to be. Oh, and Lavender Town’s music played in a loop no matter where you went. Eventually, you make it to Pokemon Tower, where Ghost attacks and kills you. After that, the player is sent to the title screen and must select “New Game”.

Read the full story here:

Now, this is a great idea for a game. I’d love to play it. However, the person who originally posted the story claimed to have lost it while moving and never posted any footage or images to prove it. Any footage on the internet is fan-made, not from the actual “owner” of the cartridge. Yeah, so I must assume this story is a lie. However, it is so popular that a ROM hack of FireRed that recreates Creepy Black is available for download on the internet.

Gary’s Raticate – Out of all the creepy Pokemon stories and theories, this is one I actually believe. In the original Red and Blue versions, one of the places you meet your rival, Blue (or Gary), is in Pokemon Tower, the Pokemon cemetery. Upon seeing you, he says something along the lines of, “What are you doing here? Your Pokemon don’t look dead.” Fans jumped at this odd bit of dialogue. It’s like Gary is implying that he, unlike yourself, actually has a reason to be in Pokemon Tower. It if it true, that means a Pokemon of his has died. Strangely enough, this is the first battle where Gary doesn’t use his Raticate. The fan theory says that, since your last fight was on the SS Anne, Gary wasn’t able to get to a Pokemon Center fast enough to save his Raticate and it died. You killed his Raticate. Is this true? Nobody really knows. It has never been confirmed or denied by Nintendo, and it most likely never will. It’s just fan speculation, but I think this one has the possibility to be true, unlike most of the other Lavender Town stories.

8. Hellvalleyskytrees – Super Mario Galaxy 2


Type: Easter egg

The Story: In a Mario game, you usually are too busy worrying about falling into pits of lava and being killed by mushrooms (Goombas) to look at the scenery. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Shiverburn Galaxy, go into first person mode and you will see three shadowy figures on a cliff. No matter where you are in the galaxy, they can always been seen, as if they’re watching you. Overcome with curiosity the internet was buzzing with about these things, someone hacked the game and found their names. They are part of a sky box entitled “Beyond Hell Valley” and the creatures themselves are called “Hell Valley Sky Trees.” They are never mentioned in-game and Mario never encounters them; they’re just always in the background.

My thoughts:  They aren’t trees (clearly), as most fans assume. You’re in space. It’s obvious they’re aliens. While I do admit they’re somewhat creepy, it makes sense to include them. If Mario is in space, he’s likely to encounter natives of other galaxies. However, I think the only ‘scary’ part to this Creepypasta is the fact that their name has anything to do a “hell valley”. Well, this is the third time Nintendo has made it on this list for actual things that exist in-game, and not fucking Creepypastas. Ah, Nintendo, you’re so kid-friendly. And speaking of Nintendo…

7. Giygas – Earthbound

Giygas first stage

Type: Theory

The Story: Yeah, I can already hear the impending bitch-fits that Giygas is this low on the list. I’ll touch up more on this in the “My Thoughts” section. For now, just read the story. I don’t know much about Earthbound, just that the ending is where it gets really bizarre. First of all, your characters have their minds placed in robots so they can travel back in time to defeat some creature called Giygas in his weakest state. When you first encounter him, he appears to be a creepy face with a power that can’t be identified. The music that plays during this fight is disturbing; even I think that, and I never played this game as a child. As the battle goes on, Giygas starts taking on new forms and saying more and more disturbing things like “it hurts”. This the where the story gets “creepy.” See, there’s a backstory to Giygas.


Does this image seem like anything to you? The creator of the game said in an interview that he based Giygas off a childhood trauma where he went into the wrong theater and thought he was witnessing a rape scene. It wasn’t rape; it was just domestic violence, but it scarred him nonetheless. Now, armed with that knowledge, some people think the picture above forms the shape of a fetus. Add to that the fact that you’re going back in time to defeat him in his weakest state, and the fact that he’s saying shit like “it hurts”, you soon come to the touchy topic of abortion.

Also, the room he’s in looks like a fucking uterus.


My thoughts:  Now I come to the reason why I think Giygas is annoyingly overrated and not that creepy of a concept. Yes, more than likely, this is referencing the idea of abortion. I’m conflicted as to whether it is or not, to be honest. I mean, yes, it’s possible, but I also believe that anything can seem coincidental if you look at it long enough. To me, I really don’t see much in Giygas besides a swirling red shape that vaguely resembles a face. Either way, I’m not denying that it’s a possibility that Giygas is supposed to be a fetus. I just don’t get why people are so bothered by him. Allow me to be controversial for a moment: I’m pro-choice in all circumstances, meaning that I believe having a abortion is a woman’s choice and she doesn’t need a “good reason” to have one. Her body, her rules. That being said, and I mean this in the most politically correct way possible, the idea of abortion doesn’t really bug me all that much. A human is a human, a fetus is a fetus. I don’t see it as murder… Giygas is on  this list because he’s a creepy boss in nature, not because of the abortion theories behind him.

Anyway, here’s the fight to anyone that wants to see it.

6. Herobrine – Minecraft


Type: Creepypasta

The Story: Possibly the most popular example of a video game haunting ever, Herobrine brings a dark and somewhat creepy twist to  a normally calming, peaceful game. The legacy of Herobrine was born when a user posted a foggy screenshot to a forum that depicted a Steve skin with empty white eyes. Below is the original image. Click on it to enlarge. He’s by the base of the mountain. Allegedly, this game was not being played in multiplayer and the mod had no name.


The figure ran away before the player could find him, but strange things started appearing in his world, such as 2×2 tunnels in the rocks, small perfect pyramids made of sand in the ocean, and groves of trees with all their leaves cut off. The player went to a forum to see if anyone else had experienced this thing, but his posts were repeatedly deleted by a user named Herobrine, who simply said, “stop.” Herobrine’s user link always 404ed. After meeting people that had also seen the figure, they discovered that Herobrine was a name of a Swedish player, Notch’s (Minecraft’s creator) brother. However, after being emailed about it, Notch told the player “I did [have a brother], but he is no longer with us.” Hence, the ghosts rumors erupted and Herobrine has since become the ghost of Notch’s “dead brother” that haunts Minecraft. Many people claim to have seen him.

My thoughts:  In a way, I believe in Herobrine. Notch has since confirmed that he has a half-brother that he rarely sees, but he is quite alive and well, so that debunks the whole “ghost” rumor. However, I know that Notch gets a sweet kick from messing with people. Occasionally, “Removed Herobrine” will appear in the list of features in updates. Do I think he’s real? Yes. I think he’s been in Minecraft for a long time, but was always in there intentionally, as a joke. I don’t think he’s the ghost of a dead brother, but a mob purposely put in the game to scare people.

Read the full story here:

5. The Luna Game


Type: Game

The Story: At long last, I get to express my love for My Little Pony in article form. Yes, I’m a Pegasister, and damn proud of it. For all you anti-bronies that like to cry ‘faggot’ toward anyone who’s a fan of MLP, here’s an entry for you. If you’re at all familiar with My Little Pony, you know of Pinkie Pie, a main character that is fun-loving and energetic, but also borderline psychotic.

*actual clip from the show*

The horrifying legacy of The Luna Game started when a game simply called “Luna” was posted to the My Little Pony fansite, Equestria Daily. Unlike most of the games, this one required a download. When it first opened, it seemed like a typical platformer. After about thirty second of gameplay, the game would crash and your screen would be replaced by the image above.

Or this.


Or this.


Or this.


Or… well, you get the idea. At the same time, a demonic remix of the song “Hush Now, Quiet Now” played in the background. It would eventually go away on its own, but the only way for you to close it was shutting off your computer. Needless to say, this game was taken down that very day and the rules were re-written so that something like this would never happen again. However, it was too late for the bronies that experienced this horrifying game. Since then, the creator has made several more Luna games. Here’s a Let’s Play of all of them by littletalks56.

My thoughts:  It’s fucking creepy. What more can I say? The My Little Pony fandom isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, to all you macho men that are too manly for it.

4. Sonic.exe – Sonic the Hedgehog hack: 


Type: Creepypasta

The Story: Like so many Creepypastas, it begins when a person received a hacked version of a game they love. In this case, a boy named Tom receives a CD from a friend, Kyle called “Sonic.exe” with order to destroy it. Kyle’s reasoning for this is “he’s after me, and I’m not quick enough to do it.” As is the nature of the Creepypasta, Tom ignores his friend’s request and plays the game. Something isn’t right even in the title screen, when it briefly flickers to the image above before the game starts. It takes Tom to Sonic 3’s character select screen, revealing Tails, Knuckles and Eggman as playable characters. Tails is up first, but something isn’t right. After encountering a bloody-eyed Sonic, Tails thoroughly breaks the forth wall and gestures to Tom, as if asking him to help him escape. Eventually, the drowning jingle starts as Sonic chases Tails, who is terrified. Kefka from Final Fantasy’s laugh sounds, Sonic lunges at Tails, he screams, and Tom is taken back to the character select screen. Tails is bleeding from the eyes now and has a look of anguish on his face. The process more or less repeats with Knuckles (Knuckles is taunted by Sonic and eventually breaks down in tears) and Eggman (Eggman is just unnerved by the entire thing), until all three are, for lack of a better work, dead, or have a blank look of agony on their faces. After that, the screen turns to a disturbing image of Sonic with the text “I am God.”


After that, Tom’s computer permanently crashes and a plushie of Sonic appears on his bead. The end. By the way, all the pictures in this are from a downloadable ROM hack that recreates Sonic.exe.

Read the whole story here:

And here’s a Let’s Play of the mentioned ROM.

My thoughts: Unlike Tails Doll, this was a pretty decent Creepypasta… until Sonic emerged from the game. That part is obviously a load of bullshit, but the whole thing leading up to it makes for an interesting story. I definitely recommend reading the story if you haven’t. It’s well-written, suspenseful, and creepy. It it true? Not likely. I mean, it’s possible the game itself did exist. A game could easily be hacked to the point Sonic.exe was, but the whole “a Sonic doll tried to kill me” takes away from the realism of the creepypasta. Also, that “I am God” picture never fails to creep me out.

3. MARIO – Mario hack


Type: Creepypasta

The Story: This is an extremely long creepypasta and is best experienced if it’s read for yourself. I’m going to summarize it to a reasonable length, but I recommend reading the full story, just to get the full effect of it.

It all started when a moderator on a website called smwcentral was going through some ROM hacks, testing them out. He came across one simply called MARIO that wasn’t immediately playable. It included a notepad file with a bunch of gibberish, kind of like what you get if you open a program in a text format. One line, however, was English.

“ÿØÿà JFIF H H ÿþ 1find me find me find me find me find me find meÿÛ C”

After some toying around, he got the game to start and was surprised by the realization of who the villain in this game was. The opening message said that “Mario was at it again.” Also, the color palette of the entire game was darker than usual. As the game progressed, the player went through level after level that had no enemies, and all the “?” blocks were already solid, as if they’d been hit. It was almost as if Mario had been through here. Eventually, he found Yoshi, after which points of advice saying things like “I hate you.”, “Mario trapped me in that egg.”, and “Is there anything I can do to change your mind?”, “This is the selfish way out,”, and  “Haven’t you caused enough trouble?” started popping up. The player started to seriously question just what Mario had done to this world and what it was trying to say.

However, the hack really got creepy when he came across what can only be described as a murder scene, with this text box:


Shortly after this, the hack ended when Mario fell into a black void. After the original poster finished his forum about this, the site’s founder began to play with the “find me” text string and was able to convert it to a JPG file that seems to represent the murder victim.180px-12560129686

After this, the hack was removed from the website.

Read the whole story here:

My thoughts: Out of all the hundred upon hundreds of “hacked game scared the living shit out of me” creepypastas, this is one I completely believe existed. Why? It actually did. The person that recounted this hack on the link I provided originally did so on the website’s forum. It was updated on a day-to-day basis as the player progressed through the hack, and it included screenshots. Many people read and followed this forum daily, up until the hack was removed.


Yes, I know that screenshots can be faked. But what makes this Creepypasta stand out to me is that it was updated over the course of several days. There is no reason to believe MARIO isn’t real. Hacking games is more than possible, and this is the most believable ROM hack story I’ve ever read.

2. Polybius: 


Type: Urban legend

The Story: There is next to no information on the internet regarding this urban legend. Polybius is an old, plain-looking arcade machine that  supposedly was an experiment commissioned by the American government in psychological warfare. Only one was ever made, and it was in an arcade called “Blue Diamond” in Oregon.  People that played it reported experiencing amnesia, blackouts, memory loss, nausea, epilepsy migraines, headaches, and nightmares. It was also rumored to change the mood of a player. A few have said that after you play the game, you have an inability to feel sadness, and one player went on to become an anti-video game activist. It is rumored that Nintendo was involved in the game’s creator and now it is locked up in a vault, never to be played again. Another rumor claims that the game is currently in the possession of Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Donkey Kong. The story says that he made Polybius in exchange for the right to work on Donkey Kong, but has denied any involvement in the urban legend.

My thoughts:  If Polybius is real, it is, to put it lightly, a government conspiracy. However, like any conspiracy (or creepypasta), there is little to no legitimate proof it ever existed. Many people have claimed this thing is real, but we don ‘t even know what it looks like. Some say it’s a plain box, like the fuzzy image posted above, yet others say it looked more like this.


A ROM that recreates Polybius exists for download on the internet. I’ll just save you some time. Here is it, via YouTube. It does contain lots of flashing lights and all that fun stuff, so epileptics, beware.

And this is the “only screenshot from the real Polybius that exists”.


So, what we have to prove this game’s existence is a screenshot that can easily be made in GIMP, and a ROM. Even the arcade it is rumored to have been in has been replaced with a cafe, and all the former employees terminated (or kidnapped, taken to an underground lab in North Dakota, and had painful tests inflicted upon them). Many people believe” a “real” ROM of Polybius exists somewhere, but nobody knows where to find it. Is it possible this game exists? Yes. Hell yes. In fact, I’d say it’s likely it does. Newsflash: the government (any government) is corrupt as fuck. You simply can’t put people in positions of power and expect them to stay fair. It’s human nature to dominate.

Also, remember, at the alleged time Polybius surfaced, America was sick with Cold War paranoia. It makes complete sense that the government  would revert to popular media to try and find new ways of fighting Communism. What was the fastest-growing form of media at the time? Video games. All the lack of proof could easily be a cover-up. If the government did indeed create Polybius, we’ll never know because they don’t want us to. For the time being, it all boils down to whether you believe in government conspiracies or not. Personally, I believe Polybius could exist, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

Read more here:

1. Ben Drowned – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask hack


Type: Creepypasta

The Story: Just read it for yourself. It’s one of the longest Creepypastas I’ve ever read, and for you to personally experience the full impact of this horrifying tale, you have to read the entire thing.

However, if you’re a type that doesn’t like to read, here’s a reading of it, with footage included when the weird stuff starts.

In a very short summary, Ben Drowned is about a hacked game cartridge of Majora’s Mask that was purchased at a yardsale. As the game progresses, the player is haunted by the ghost of Ben, the boy that used to own the game, who takes the form of the Statue of Emptiness, and a lot of creepy things take place. As I’ve said, you need to read it or watch the video because a summary doesn’t do Ben Drowned justice.

My thoughts: This creepypasta is fake. That has been confirmed by the author of the story. Although, like MARIO, it was posted on a forum over a length of time,  all the footage, images, screenshots and text screen were faked and made by the auth0r – he came out and said so after the terrified reaction exploded on the internet, over hundreds of websites. That being said, its hard to believe that it isn’t real. The presentation of the story, the inclusion of the screenshots, and the gameplay footage make it very believable. It boils down to this: real or fake, Ben Drowned is still creepy as hell, and one of the scariest Creepypastas to ever surface on the internet, gaming-related or not.


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    I slip and hit it twice.
    I see the Luna pictures, the only pictures on this list I hadn’t seen before, without meaning to at all and without expecting it.

    Excuse me while I change underwear.

  2. Ash the Lynx says:

    *finds no pics disturbing in any way* *finds Luna pics* HOLY SHI- *throws 3ds*

  3. Young Human says:

    No. Way. You ruined my childhood

  4. StormyBriar says:

    I was planning on using the space bar to scroll down, and instead of scrolling down, it turned on the Pokemon hack song.
    Freaked out so much!!

  5. GigaMettalix says:

    Okay, I have a few problems with this. One, the message doesn’t say fun is infinite with satan, that was some idiotic hoax, and the hanged luigi thing is due to the shadows, due to the fact that they didn’t put much work in, it appeared still. Also, Herobrine, you actually thought he existed? How stupid are you? But the worst part, was your comment on PC gaming, yet liking elder scrolls, which started on PC for god’s sakes!

    • Hey man, sorry you didn’t like the article. I do appreciate the feedback, though. Thank you for being honest.

    • A few things here. Everything under the “my thoughts” category are just that: my thoughts, and my opinions. I am entitled to my opinions, and if I think that a hoax or theory is real, I am allowed to do so. Are they real? Maybe not. But if I choose to believe them, that is my choice. Also, I never once played Elder Scrolls on the PC. I have no experience with it on that platform, so your entire comment about me hating PC gaming was stupid, and to be honest, came across as borderline PC Elitist.

      Feel free to dislike this article, but do not insult me for having opinions different from yours.

  6. zombieghost says:

    well here are somefacts. the lugi’s masion easter egg was not meant to be there. It was put there by a mistake. And the fun is infinte. it actually those mean something creepy. I know this because a friend of mine is japanese. he won’t tell me what it means he is just too scared to say it and the sonic.exe is fake. If it was real than why is there not footage of it.

  7. The Statue says:

    What about the Game Boy Camera ‘RUN’ option?

    Error 405: The person writing this reply is too chicken to find photos of the Game Boy Camera faces.

  8. HeliCopterFullOfEels says:

    See, Herobrine, Upside Down Sinners, none of that scared me. But when I saw Luna…

  9. Hillop says:

    The HellValleySkyTrees are kodama, an ancient Japanese spirit that live in trees. It has referenced before and after this instance; Dekus, Stalfos(LOZ). Pokemon X & Y has come out, with a stump Pokemon that is possessed by people’s souls.Finally, in Super Mario 3D Land, if you wati at the end of 4-4 (I think that’s the one), a creepy ghost figure, almost identical to the Sky Trees, appears.

  10. No says:

    Just a terrible article, it is clear you did not investigate nearly any of these yourself. Get a computer and experience real games, you fuck.

  11. Joordy says:

    I must say the creepypasta are really creepy i hoped to never have seen the i am god pic of sonic but i did sadly also the luna game Never heard of it …. and those images … they are just shocking . I mean Come on thats just way to sick . And uhh I MEan there are alot of hentai and shit based on MLP But thats really really messed up . Not that the hentai is messed up but Yeh there are alot of diffrent types of messed up, anyways MARIO It had something wierd when i read it i just couldnt really get it But probs because when i read it i cant really bring back what it was about , And Ben well Its been a while since i read it but the story was good . But the entire game majora’s mask Kinda wierd if you think about it XD
    giygas was the first actually creepy easteregg kind of thing i heard about that actually freaked me out.
    and the lavender town yeh ,,, Its freaking scary but there are so many pasta’s some have things that sound real and actually have things in it that are real.
    the list is okay i guess

  12. James says:

    Have you tried outlast? It’s on Playstation 4. Very good game.

  13. Scotch says:

    I am god.

  14. Scotch says:

    Going to have nightmares

  15. I’m a big fan of the sonic game, but the ”scary” message in sonic CD? Come on. Sonic. EXE ruined my chances of playing the original game!!! By the way, why does Sonic. EXE think he`s God?!

  16. Zelda110 says:

    Have you ever played neopets the darkest faerie for the PS2? in 1 of the boss battles, you can to some sort of incomplete location known as the ”Ancient castle spires.” It’s similar to the upside sinners.

  17. Rachel says:

    It turns out that Heobrine could actually be Slenderman in minecraft form. Also, sonic.Exe RUINED my childhood memories!!!!!!

  18. In all truth, the polybius music made me very sleepy…

  19. Spaceorange says:

    Giygas isn’t scary? Screw that noise, he’s creepy as fuck. And the fact that he’s an aborted fetus just makes it so freaky, so surreal and unnatural.

  20. what exactly is the gameboy camera run thing?

    • kpopersfap says:

      There was this camera accesories in gameboy back then. You know, like usual photo editor thing and there was an option that called “run”. If you choose it, the screen would show a few disturbing photos that were edited (photo of a man edited in some screwed way, like when you hate on someone and draw their photo with all sorts of things) with text on top of it “who are you running from?”. This proven to be real thing since many already experienced it before. The program eventually erased and never exist again. Sorry for my bad english and lack of information since i only read it at a web

  21. Doglover 35 says:

    In the creepypasta of Sonic.Exe, there is a game over screen where Tails, Knuckles and Eggman’s heads are on stakes and then a message in Japanese appears. I translated the message and it says: “And my diseased soul screams, will you be my walker of shadows.” “Delight me with sinister sin.” Our funeral of euphoria, will break Satan’s black heart. I’m still not sure what that means, but it sounds really dark.

  22. Peter says:

    You pretty much stole your lists from cracked, some even have sentences word for word. You should be ashamed.

    • Mr. Awesome says:

      Yeah, Ashley got all her information from the Creepypasta Wiki. She didn’t use Cracked at all, so there’s no way in hell she plagiarized from there. Now, we are huge fans of Cracked here at Happy Katana, so our lists are going to be influenced by Cracked. However, to straight up accuse one of our writers of flat-out plagiarism is a pretty ballsy move, and one that I think you should at least back up with sources. If you can actually provide examples of copying Cracked, I’d like to see them. Seriously, show us the sentences that were supposedly ripped off from Cracked, and Ashley said she would change them. Until then, I’m going to take your statement as complete bullshit.

      • roger says:

        The only part that I read that could be misconstrued as plagiarism is the Earthbound part of this article. It’s pretty darn close to the Cracked article until the my thoughts section obviously. but to be fair, she had to give basically the same background to set up the my thoughts section.

  23. Scared In Iowa says:

    Well…If you’ll excuse me I think I’m going to go sleep in my parent’s bedroom now.

  24. Mikey says:

    Welp it just goes to show that YOU CANNOT GRASP THE TRUE FORM OF GIYGAS’S ATTACK!! Lol but in all seriousness, Im still having nightmares from that game. I caught that fetus the first time I played it. I didnt even know about the theory until afew years ago. Me and my bro thought the fetus was funny until we heard the theory. Thanks Earthbound! I didnt need to sleep anyways……

  25. facts says:

    Almost completed sonic reads thread breaks disc gets paranoid

  26. The Luigi’s shadow thing? Just a glitch with the lighting.

  27. Keep on writing, great job!

  28. Rick Mayson says:

    Scared of nuttin till i saw that mario one

    • Usjeuehs says:

      This is one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read, are you like ten or something? Its just riddled with such demented commemtary I’d expect from a child. Oh and what a surprise you’re brony.

      • Mr. Awesome says:

        Oh, you’re so cool. Insulting someone over age (she’s 21, by the way, and was 19 when she wrote this) and liking My Little Pony? I wish I was as edgy as you.

  29. sexypex says:

    If anyone wants to see something uber creepy run a google image search for “Splatterhouse 3 mindless beast”. It’s what happens to the protagonist’s wife if he doesn’t make it through one of the stages in time. No easter eggs or anything, it’s totally canon.

  30. Hellwyck says:

    It’s “without any further ado” not “…adieu”

  31. Sonic.EXE… you ruined my childhood memories. I’m never playing another Sonic game again. Screw you, sonic.exe 😛

  32. As a prank, I hacked my brother’s computer and downloaded the Sonic.EXE on it. He was freaked after playing it XD

  33. Shadow Link says:

    You should’ve put Dead hand from Zelda: Ocarina of time on here. That thing is creepy O_O

  34. as140 says:

    “Madjin” in Sonic CD is the nickname of one of the developers. It was not supposed to mean devil in that context.

  35. 123456789 says:


  36. Nojustno says:

    Luna and Mario Hack pictures = Scarier than Satan

  37. fuk says:

    do you really have to debunk the creepypastas and point out their fake? of course they are, all creepypastas are fake and everyone knows they are, theyre just supposed to be stories

  38. fuk says:

    and the Luna pics arent scary, are you people serious

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