Update to my PS4 – Xbox One comparison

I’ve decided that, since neither the Xbox One or PlayStation4 have officially been released, I should keep you all up-to-date on the recent happenings with both systems.

Currently, Sony is clear favorite in this race, outselling the Xbox One 80/20 in preorder sales,as according to my local GameStop. However, today Microsoft unveiled a gigantic change  in the One that may turn some people back to their side. According to the Xbox UK Facebook face, the system now supports game trading, lending, and re-selling. There’s no word on how rentals and used games will work, but more than likely, Microsoft has a “solution” for that. Additionally, offline play no longer requires internet access.

So, what we have here is Microsoft actually listening to their fans for once. Will this actually make a difference in sales? The general opinion says no. See, Microsoft, here’s the problem with the Xbox One: videogames are marketed to gamers. That’s why the PS4 is outselling you. It’s a system that focuses 95% on gaming, and 5% on media. If you’re going to sell a gaming system for $500, it has to be the best fucking thing the industry has ever seen.  People that want videogames don’t care about streaming videos and TV, and $500 is way too much to ask for a media device. The problem is, you are not fitting into a niche. The One isn’t a strong enough system to compete with the PS4, and it’s too expansive to appeal to people that actually want the media features. You need to be competitive with your targeted audience, and the Xbox One is anything but competitively priced.

This is just a classic example of Microsoft trying to redeem itself because Sony literally has them by the balls this time. The PS4 is a stronger system, it’s got better graphics, it has a clear targeted audience, and it’s $100 cheaper.

These changes might appeal to a minority of Xbox fans, but the Xbox One was failed from the start. Bad marketing, bad pricing, completely ignoring the targeted audience that made the Xbox what it is today (or at least the 360), weaker hardware… All this cannot be redeemed by fixing one or two complaints.

To all Xbox fans, here’s my parting message to you: Microsoft made the One with absolutely no fucks given about you, the ones that made the name “Xbox” popular in the first place. They broke one of the most important rules of business. They only made these changes in an attempt to regain their losses. This had proven to me that what I thought about Microsoft all along is true: they’re money whores. They did it once, they’ll do it again. Make the smart choice when the systems come out. If you’re a gamer, get the system that was made with gamers in mind. Hint:  It isn’t the Xbox One.

FoUr is better than One, and there’s a U in four.

3 thoughts on “Update to my PS4 – Xbox One comparison

  1. darkrage6 says:

    I have to disagree here, I think the Xbox One is definitely strong enough to compete with the PS4, does the TV box and other stuff interest me? No, what really interests me are the games. With the policies changed, I think ultimately it will be a much closer race and I believe they CAN redeem themselves and I think it’s definitely too soon to count them out, I think at the very least the One will sell better then the Wii U. I think the system was made with gamers in mind, so what if it has some extra stuff? I don’t see what the big deal about that is, as long as the games are good, I really couldn’t care less what Microsoft thinks of anybody.

    Sony are money whores too(let’s face it, most people already knew MS were money whores, personally I really don’t care) and I don’t really think they’re any better then Microsoft. They don’t exactly have a good history about caring for the consumes either as evidenced by how easy it was for the PSN to get hacked, thus compromising data for thousands of people. I personally consider Sony’s negligence towards security for their consumers personal information much more egregious then Microsoft turning around to increase it’s profits. Plus now i’m hearing about how the newest PS3 updates are causing many systems to brick, just one more reason i’m glad I sided with Microsoft.

    Also I take offense to the make the “smart” choice comment, just because people like myself would prefer an Xbox One over a PS4 does NOT mean that person is not “smart” I hate it when people make stupid generalizations like that, it just makes them sound arrogant. I think i’m making the “smart” choice with the One because I don’t have to worry about my personal data being compromised due to hackers or my system getting bricked during updates(BTW, the high price wasn’t what turned me off the PS3, it was the hour long system updates and half-hour long game installations, yeah no thanks) how do I know the PS4 won’t have those problems as well? So thanks but no thanks, i’m sticking with Microsoft. It’s not a crime to want a X-One because I happen to find it’s exclusives much more appealing then anything on the PS4.

    • Stephanie says:

      To be quite honest, I have to disagree with you. X-Box One has SO many faults with it’s new ‘features’ that now they’ve changed it… why? Because they were watching their customers walk out the door – and into Sony’s.
      How could they possibly think that rendering the console USELESS unless you sign in every 24 hours would win them customers? How could they possibly think that spending over half of their time talking about television features win them GAMERS? And lets be honest here, no matter how much you may love x-box exclusives, your choices are limited and I hardly saw any new games coming from xbox.
      Halo – old news.
      Dead Rising – okay, I’ll give it that one; I like that game.
      Left4Dead – weak on the xbox, far better on PC but again, an older game.
      The only new thing X-Box really had going for it was Titanfall… which I guess is new, you know if you’ve never seen space robots in a game before.
      Now even if you HATE Sony; when you look at the array of games they offer, the x-box one cant compete. The range of indie games, of FPS, platformers, TPS, and much love franchises that have been reinvented for this next gen console. Not to mention, PS4 is considerably cheaper even if you include a years worth of playstation plus – still cheaper than the xbox.
      Now onto the hacking issue you seem to have with Sony… um, last time I checked Microsoft was like… the Mecca for all hackers. The amount of hacking on ANY Microsoft product is borderline ridiculous in fact, if you’re a gamer (as you portray yourself to be) you should know hackers will get into any system if they really want to. Hell, people can hack into police force systems and you’re really going to bitch about Sony getting hacked into ONE time?
      You know to further my entire hacking argument – why are you even talking about what goes on with the PS3? This is not an “ISSUES WITH OLD GEN CONSOLES” thread.

      Oh and one other thing –
      “They don’t exactly have a good history about caring for the consumes either” Correct me if I’m wrong but X-Box one, didn’t they say how you can’t reuse games? So… you cant share games with your friends…WOW. Okay if that’s not a slap in the face to loyal customers, I don’t know what is. Microsoft is basically like, “hey thanks for being loyal to us and all but now you cant play your games with your friends, because you know, we want the money.” Also to tell their customers they MUST have internet access to play is a joke. So if you have a power cut your gaming console is helpless. I think Microsoft are showing just how little they care about their customers right there.

      and “Sony’s negligence towards security for their consumers personal information.” … Security reasons? Really? Coming from the console that monitors how many heartbeats are in the room to make sure you’re not showing their precious tv features to too many people. Coming from the company that has a camera that must be plugged in to allow the kinect console to work? Really?

      Just think about that for a moment.

      How do I know PS4 will be all it’s been made out to be? Well, I don’t – but I know quality when I see it and clearly so do other gamers because if they didn’t the X-Box threads wouldn’t be littered with people abandoning Microsoft.

      • darkrage6 says:

        Heh, i’m kind of embarassed by my earlier post now, I wasn’t thinking straight and I now know how ridiculous it sounds. I don’t hate Sony by any means(I used to own a PSP and am considering getting a Vita at some point) and I’ll admit I was not aware of how prominent hacking was for the Xbox since I don’t do multiplayer(but I still feel pretty safe with Live, and if I ever do get a PS3 or PS4, i’m not signing up for PSN).

        It is still up for debate which system thas the better games, and most of Sony’s exclusives just plain do not interest me that much. Cheaper dosen’t automatically mean better for me, I won’t be getting a One at launch anyways, but I probably will get one once the price drops. Microsoft’s attitude dosen’t bother me particularly because let’s face it, most people were already well aware of how unethical they are long before this happened(I remember all those anti-trust lawsuits they got hit with in the early 2000s) so none of what they did surprised or shocked me in the least, I knew eventually they would reverse the policies, it was only a matter of time. So i’m not going to boycott the system over that. that said I don’t blame other people for still not wanting an Xbox One. Just don’t expect to sway me over to buying a PS4, not gonna happen, not saying i’ll never get one, but the X-One is my first choice and I believe it will be a “quality” console.

        BTW i’m not bothered by the Kinnect camera that much, you can turn off the heartbeat monitoring and other stuff, so that dosen’t concern me.

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