Hryciuk365’s Favourite Zelda Dungeon

Hey, it’s Brendan. I apologize once again for my absence when it comes to writing, but I’ve had a lot of things going on in life at the moment, haha.

My all time favourite Zelda dungeon is the Ancient Cistern in Skyward Sword, and here is why:

There’s something very interesting about this dungeon. The entire franchise is full of very well designed dungeons, and in SS you get the series best. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this dungeon. As soon as you enter the area, you see a really bright room with crystal clear water and a very neat figure in the center of the room.

The music is phenomenal in the dungeon as well, it has a nice mysterious feel to it and it suits the dungeon perfectly. Also, in the dungeon there’s the top part which is beautiful, and then there’s the lower area which is dark and creepy, kind of like heaven and hell. It has to do with Japanese mythology or something like that.

The puzzles were cleverly put together, and you gain the whip in here, which creates new puzzle opportunities that were clearly taken advantage of very well. The overall size of the dungeon may not be that big and what-not, but the dungeon took me well over an hour and some time (which I personally consider to be a good amount of time for one area in a game.)

The boss of the dungeon Koloktos is also one of the coolest bosses in the entire franchise. His design looks great, and the way to defeat him is first off you have to get him to stab his arms into the ground and then you pull his arms off with the whip, after that you must get his other arms to stab into the ground but this time you have to pick up one of the swords he dropped from his other arms and cut them off and then let him have it. You repeat this process a few times, but the next round of the battle he starts walking around and you must basically do the same thing but with some added challenge.

I overall really enjoyed the atmosphere and feel to the dungeon, and it’s one I will never get over. I honestly hope that Nintendo will be this imaginative with the next console Zelda game and create a dungeon that is on par, or even better than this one.


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