TheSonicRainboom Analyzes: MLP Season Four Preview

Another pony article. Yay.  I can just hear the enthusiasm oozing from the non-brony Happy Katana community. Either way, today I’m going to be talking about the recently released storyboards for season four of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, my thoughts on them, and my anticipation for what will be yet another spectacular season of an amazing show.

Here they are:

From at least two of the scenes released, it seems that, somehow, Ponyville will be a major setting in season four. I’m curious to see how this plays out exactly, seeing as how Twilight was inducted into royalty at the end of season three, and it wouldn’t make much sense for her to live anywhere but Canterlot with Celestia and Luna. But then again, Cadence and Shining Armor live (I’m assuming) in the Crystal Empire, so it’s possible that Twilight’s duties are somehow connected to Ponyville. That, or Celestia didn’t want to tear her from her friends.

Now, on to the actual scenes. There are four that were released at Comiccon:

1. A scene with Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Sweetiebelle, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Yeah, you can see where this is going when Bitch One and Bitch Two are involved. In it, we finally get some actual in-show reference to the fact that Scootaloo can’t fly, be it a handicap or that she’s just a late bloomer. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon mock Scootaloo’s inability to fly, and she is upset by it. So, let me fangirl for a moment. YES! We finally get an episode centered around Scootaloo, my personal favorite Cutie Mark Crusader, and the subject matter has the potential to be excellent; Scootaloo might be the first CMC to get her Cutie Mark. I can see this going in two ways: 1. Scootaloo (assuming that she actually is handicapped, because for now its just a theory) finally comes to terms with the fact that she’ll never be an athlete like her idol Rainbow Dash, and finds that she’s talented in something different. I tend to believe that Scootaloo’s talent is something to do with her scooter; maybe she’ll find her ability to race through that. 2. Scootaloo turns out to just be a late bloomer, and epicly discovers that she has a passion for flight. I don’t like this one nearly as much as the other one, though. This episode has the potential to turn Scootaloo into a very three-dimensional character and I can’t wait to see it.

2. A superhero scene. I’m not sure what to make of this, to be honest. Looking at how weird and outrageous it is, I have a feeling it might be a reference to superhero movies/comics via a daydream from Spike. After “The Amazing Mare-Do-Well”, this show might do well (forgive me) to avoid superheroes, but I’ll give it a chance. What interests me here more than anything is the scenery. They are in a big city, maybe Manehatten or Phillydelphia. I’m definitely interested in seeing a city in MLP, since the only glimpse of them we’ve seen so far was Applejack’s flashback in Cutie Mark Chronicles.  

3. A song starring Applejack, Apple Bloom, Granny Smith, Big Macintosh and Pinkie Pie, entitled “Apples To The Core”. Oh my fucking god. When I first listened to this, I knew a minute into it that “Apples To The Core” completely desecrated “Raise This Barn.” Sorry, but it’s true. One of my favorite aspects to My Little Pony is the music, and this one is catchy as hell. The lyrics are interesting, and based on the scene, I’m assuming the Apples are going on a trip together. Which raises the question: why is Pinkie Pie there? While this wasn’t revealed in the clips, it is confirmed that we will be introduced to Pinkie’s sisters in season four.


Remember these extremely forgettable ponies from Pinkie’s Cutie Mark flashback? No? Neither do I.

This brings up an interesting point in “Apples To The Core.” Granny Smith calls Pinkie “apple-kin”. Now, this could be something as simple as the Mane Six being close friends and Pinkie is just tagging along for a family Apple trip. However, in those circumstances, I’d expect this line to come from Applejack, not Granny Smith. Maybe, since Pinkie Pie used to farm rocks, she feels a connection to the Apples and they “adopt” her as a member of the family, being as she seems to be far away from her own family. It’s a stretch but still fun to think about.

4. Nightmare Moon’s return. When I saw this scene for the first time, I cannot begin to describe the pure, unadulterated fury that consumed my body like a black hole, and almost sent me flying out of the fandom with my middle fingers up high, screaming “fuck you, whoever the hell wrote this travesty of an episode, and take your fucking pones with you to a goddamn glue factory, drown in it, and be reincarnated as a fly so I can smash you with a frying pan”… ok, that was extreme, but here’s a fun fact: Luna is my favorite character. Upon watching this scene again, however, I don’t think we’re witnessing Nightmare Moon’s return, but rather her birth.

I believe that Twilight is re-living Celestia’s memory of Luna’s corruption through her eyes. This is made very obvious if you actually watch the scene carefully. First of all, Luna says two very damning lines:

1. “Did you really expect me to sit idly by while they all basked in your precious light?” Ok, first of all, this line makes no sense whatsoever in relation to Twilight. However, in relation to Celestia it makes perfect sense. If you remember, Nightmare Moon was born of Luna’s envy toward her sister, because everyone loved the day, and slept through the night. In this line, Luna is clearly expressing anger about Celestia’s day.

2. “There can be only one princess in Equestria, and that princess will be ME!” …Right. This is a dead giveaway that this is a memory. As of season three, there are four princess in Equestria: Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Twilight. Luna’s betrayal happened one-thousand years ago. Twilight wasn’t alive at the time, and since we saw Cadence as a filly in “A Canterlot Wedding”, we can assume she wasn’t born at the time, either. The only princesses at the time would be Luna and Celestia, so if Celestia was out of the way, Luna would indeed by the only princess.

The last bit of evidence comes from visual cues. Right before the darkness consumes Luna, she looks scared. If she’d already been Nightmare Moon, she’s be expecting it. In fact, I’d argue that she be careful to never get to that point again.

If there’s one thing I want out of season four, it’s more Luna screen time, and more speaking roles for Lyra and BonBon. We have confirmed Luna will sing , so that’s one leap forward. Actually, can we just have season four tomorrow? Please, Hasbro? Make it happen.


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