Disney Month Is Over… Also, I’m Sorry

Hello there, Happy Katana fans. Well, Disney Month is officially over. So, was it the massive success that I thought it would be? As the first themed month in Happy Katana history, did it live up to the hype? Was it as good as I expected?

Well, to be honest, no. While it was decent, it could have been much, much better. I place most of the blame on myself. First of all, I only wrote one fucking article! And you know why that is? Because I was lazy, that’s why. You see, we planned Disney Month all the way in July, and while I should have been writing, I instead got distracted by other shit on the internet and didn’t even really start writing until October, the month of Disney Month. And the other articles I was writing, I lost the inspiration, the spark to write them. It soon became less me wanting to write them and more because I felt obligated and pressured too. I never write good if I have no passion for what I’m writing, so I scrapped them.

So, what am I going to do about it, you ask? I’m going to have Disney Month next year as well. And I promise not to be a lazy dickhead this time around, so next year’s Disney month will be much, much better. I apologize for letting everyone down. Well, see ya everyone, and join me next year for an improved Disney Month.


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