Hryciuk365’s Review of The Last Story

I patiently awaited for this game after hearing about it in 2010, but I was quite disappointed with it when I heard that it won’t be coming to NA… or so we thought. After it did come out, I got it about a month and a half later. I highly anticipated this game, and I will say flat out, it exceeded my expectations.This is one of the main reasons why The Last Story is as amazing as it is. The story is so interesting, and emotional. It starts off light as Zael and his fellow mercenaries doing simple tasks, but when Zael and Dagran decide to continue the dream to become knights, they get mixed up in something terrible. Zael falls in love with Calista, and she almost gets taken by the Gurak. Throughout the game everyone realizes that the destruction of the land is slowly coming. With power from the land draining because of the Outsider, Zael and his friends go to extreme lengths to be there for each other. What I love is how linked you will feel with the characters. You feel like you know them and that you can relate to them, but it just disappoints you because at the end you realize that they aren’t real but seemed as real as a video game character can get.Without a doubt one of the most fun RPG’s I’ve ever played. With a new real-time action battle system, you have an auto attack system (which you can change), but battles require covering, healing, and commanding your party to use spells and stuff. You play as Zael, and you can hide behind cover and use an attack called slash which is very effective, or use your crossbow. You also get a skill called Gathering which makes enemies go to you instead of fighting everyone else, which gives everyone the chance to defeat them while you play the bait. Although it isn’t the hardest game, there are some challenging parts definitely, but it’s just the amount of fun you’ll have that makes up for the easier parts of the game.

There is even a message from the developers in a notebook that comes with this gorgeous box in the game to look at your surroundings and appreciate the beautiful graphics. I listened, and it only made the game that much better. Characters look as real as it can get on Wii, although the lip syncing isn’t the best, you still feel that the game is as real as it can get with the limitations. It’s truly the environments and the gorgeous full-motion videos that you will see throughout the game.

This soundtrack is so emotional. The boss battle themes are insanely epic, especially the final boss. Plenty of environments have great music, but it’s really the main theme or the emotional theme that plays during sad times that gets you. Once you beat the game, listen to the credits and say you didn’t feel touched. Nobuo Uematsu put all of his love into this game.

This is a shorter RPG, taking me only 20 hours and I did do some excessive grinding at parts, but it all makes up for it. I heard it can add at least 15-20 more hours if you’re planning on doing everything from which averages every person who posts their playthrough’s time.

I can honestly replay this game anyday. It was so much fun. The fact that you can go back, try out different weapons or armor just makes it a little bit easier to want to replay it.

Overall, this was a fantastic game. I think it’s safe to say that it truly is better than what a lot of people would’ve thought it would be. I haven’t played Xenoblade Chronicles so I won’t compare them, but I still think even if I do it’d be a close battle. The Last Story is a game that defines the word art, and I highly recommend it to any RPG fan or any owner of a Nintendo Wii.

+Emotional music
+Addictive, simple gameplay
+Superb storyline
+Best graphics on the system arguably

-A little on the short side

Story: 10/10
Gameplay: 9.8/10
Graphics: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Lifetime: 9.1/10
Replay Value: 9.7/10
Overall: 10/10


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