Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan) Character Analysis: Mikasa Ackerman

This is the second part in a series of character analysis from the anime and manga Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan). Now, this goes without saying, but this will take into consideration all facets of a character’s personality, talents, families, special abilities and past, and that includes the manga. So, if you are an anime watcher that hasn’t read ahead, be prepared for massive spoilers.


Mikasa Ackerman, slightly battered, during the Battle of Trost.

Fifteen-year-old Mikasa Ackerman is the main female protagonist of SNK, most well-known for her calm demeanor that lacks strong emotions most of the time, her superhuman combat abilities and her undying devotion to Eren.

Appearance: Mikasa is of average height (while still being the second tallest female character), and weights slightly more than Eren, despite them being the same height, though, in her case, it’s all muscle. Mikasa is extremely built and in the manga, she’s depicted as having six-pack abs. She is half-Asian and follows the “look” Asians often have in anime: black hair, black eyes, and exceptionally pale white skin. At the beginning of the series, Mikasa wore her hair long, well past her shoulders, but after Eren suggested it might be a hindrance during training, she cut it. Also, after Eren unintentionally attacked her, Mikasa gained a deep scar on the left side of her face, just under her eye. Typically, she’s seen wearing the Survey Corps uniform: a brown jacket with the Survey Corps emblem on both shoulders, brown boots, a white shirt and pants, and a green cloak with the emblem on her back. A unique part of her wardrobe is a red scarf that she’s almost always seen wearing.

History: Mikasa grew up on a farm away from any city, somewhere near a mountain range in Wall Maria. She was the only child to her parents, known only as Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman. Mikasa and her mother were descended from one of the only clans of Asians left in the world, making them valuable targets for human traffickers.

mikasa 2

Mikasa with her parents.

One day, her home was invaded. Mikasa’s father was killed with the intention of taking her and her mother as prisoners. Her mother attempted to protect Mikasa from them, urging her to run, but she was too scared and in shock to react. Mrs. Ackerman was ultimately killed right in front of her, and Mikasa was kidnapped. Before Eren showed up, Mikasa listened to the men discuss selling her to perverts. Catching the men by surprise, Eren managed to kill two of them,  but was jumped and strangled by the third.

mikasa 3

Eren stabs one of the kidnappers.

Eren urged Mikasa to fight, helping her come to the conclusion that “this world is cruel” – words that have stuck with her and greatly influenced the rest of her life. Ever sense then,  Mikasa has had perfect control over her body and emotions, making her one of the best fighters in the history of mankind. She easily killed the third man, and in the aftermath, Eren gave her the red scarf. It is very precious to her, and when she’s depressed or worried, she’s often seen bringing the scarf up around her mouth. To Mikasa, it symbolizes the hope that Eren “wrapped around her” and, in the manga, she even goes so far as to tell him that he brought her back from the dead.

Fun fact: it a common theory among fans that the scarf is a reference to the “red string of fate” – a metaphorical string that ties together two lovers or soulmates (because, let’s face it – the Eremika ship is pretty much canon as it is).

mikasa 4

Mikasa recalling the murder of her family.

Mikasa was taken in by Eren’s family in the aftermath of being orphaned, and she lived with them up until the Titan attack on Wall Maria in Year 845. After the death of her foster mother, Mikasa lived with Armin and Eren in a refugee camp, until Eren prompted her to join the military. Since then, she has excelled as a soldier.

Talents: Mikasa is, in a word, a complete badass. She has proven time and time again that she is the one of the most competent fighters in the entire series, second only to Levi. She possesses a sharp mind, inhuman agility, a mastery of the 3D Maneuver Gear, physical strength, cat-like reflexes and she has been described more than once by her superiors as “worth a hundred other soldiers.” It’s hard to pick out moments where Mikasa excels at her art, because, to be frank, every time she goes into battle, she makes the other characters look borderline useless. She has taken down numerous Titans completely by herself, whereas most of her fellow trainees struggle to kill even a few (and in some cases, even one). She once hit an Aberrant so hard that it dulled both of her swords to the point of uselessness in one strike.

mikasa 5

Mikasa kills the Aberrant Titan .

Mikasa also knows no fear, as she has put her life on the line for Eren multiple times without so much as a second thought; her only true moment of weakness came when she thought Eren had died, and therefore saw no reason for her to keep fighting. In one case, she threatened an entire brigade of Garrison troops that wanted to execute Eren. Mikasa is, essentially, a walking weapon with one goal in life: to protect Eren, making her lethal to anyone that stands in her way.

However, for all the skills and abilities that she has, Mikasa’s passion is nonexistent. Her entire point of living, in her eyes, is to be Eren’s bodyguard, and she couldn’t care less about fighting Titans. She will defend him against any foe, be it man or Titan. It just so happens that Titans are Eren’s primary enemy. That is, ultimately, where she differs from Levi: Levi has the skills and the drive to use them to benefit mankind, but Mikasa, who indeed has abilities on par with Levi, lacks his motivation.


Mikasa is always calm, always level-headed, and rarely shows powerful emotions. However, when she does get emotional, it is almost impossible for her to contain it. It is not uncommon for Mikasa’s personal feelings to overpower her judgement. There have been several cases of this, which leads me to the conclusion I reached in my review: she’s got a god-tier poker face, but is, in reality, emotionally unstable. Just a few cases of her instability:

When she thought Eren was dead, in order to suppress her grief, she riled all her hopeless fellow trainees into action (being probably one of the only people capable of standing a chance in their situation), then took off ahead, carelessly using up her already-low supply of gas. This rendered her gear useless, she found herself trapped in a alley with a Titan approching her. This is where she succumbed to her pain and she almost allowed herself to get eaten.

When she finally found Eren alive, she broken down in literal sobs.

When Mikasa witnessed Annie’s Titan attempt to kidnap Eren, Mikasa gave into her rage and aggressively tried to fight Annie herself. Even when Levi arrived to help her get Eren back, Mikasa was unable to let go of her unconscious need for revenge. Despite him warning her not to attempt to fight Annie, she did so anyway, and would have been crushed to death if Levi didn’t save her, injuring his leg in the process.

Finally, Mikasa seemed to reach her breaking point. In the manga, after Eren was kidnapped by Reiner and Bertholdt, Mikasa was reduced to tears. Later, she was the driving force behind the efforts to recover Eren. She made her way to Reiner’s back, where Eren and Bertholdt remained just out of her reach, and was more than ready to kill Ymir for getting in her way. Even when Christa begged Mikasa to show Ymir mercy, Mikasa, too locked in her murderous rampage, informed her that she had no more mercy to spare (she blamed herself for not killing Reiner and Bertholdt before they transformed).  She finally convinced Ymir to back down by telling her  that, if she didn’t get out of her way, she’d kill her.


As for her actual personality, she is very withdrawn and rarely speaks to anyone besides Eren and Armin, unless the situation demands it. Mikasa’s flashback to her past suggests that she wasn’t always like this; she seemed very close to her parents, very talkative, very eager to please them, and just a happier person overall. Watching them both be murdered before her very eyes seemed to have sent Mikasa into shock that she never fully emerged from, seeing as she is just as quiet as a solider as she was when Eren first found her.

Eren is the core of her universe and everything she does is centered around him in some way. She had absolutely no desire to join the military as a child; she even got Eren in trouble with his mother for bringing up that he wanted to join the Survey Corps. However, after the loss of his mother, Eren set his sights on the dangerous life of a Survey Corps scout, and Mikasa followed him, knowing full well that he wouldn’t survive a single fight without her. The full extent of Mikasa’s love toward Eren becomes painfully clear when, after Armin told her that Eren died, Mikasa tried to drown out her pain by taking it out on the Titans. However, she got reckless and soon found herself trapped in an alley with no way to climb out, and a Titan approaching her. Mikasa decided that she wasn’t going to start over again, having lost her family twice, and almost let herself be eaten.

mikasa 6

Mikasa almost lets the Titan eat her.

She was revived, perhaps too late, by her memories of Eren. Unbeknownst to her at the time, Eren, in his Titan form, saved her life. When Eren finally emerged from the Titan unharmed, Mikasa loses all her composure and hugs him while literally sobbing. These few episodes add an interesting new dimension to Mikasa’s character. Up until this point, she’d been a monster in battle, and almost annoyingly protective, but it wasn’t clear why she was so devoted to Eren. It becomes obvious that, for all the ruthlessness and eerily calm demeanor that defines Mikasa as a character, she is, in reality, emotionally unstable and in constant fear of losing the only person she has left in her entire life.

*For a moment, I’m going to drop that whole “formal analysis format” and rant, because there’s something about Mikasa that I need to get off my chest. Mikasa is not only my favorite character from SNK, but also my favorite animated character of all time, period. If there’s one thing about this fandom that really pisses me off, it’s those people that think she’s annoying solely due to the fact that she’s clingy. No, she’s not clingy. She’s protective. There is a huge difference there.

Now, imagine that you were her. Imagine that you, as a child, watched your parents be brutally murdered. Imagine you watched your mother have her head split open with a fucking hatchet. Imagine that, one second you’re joking with your father, and the next thing you know, your entire life has been destroyed. You get kidnapped, told that you’re going to sold into sex slavery of all things, then, right before that happens, this kid your age comes around and saves your life. In doing so, he teaches your how to defend yourself and others. He gives you a gift, then accepts you, who has nowhere else to go, into his family. A year passes, and you never fully feel that you’ve paid him back for all he’s done for you. Then suddenly, you watch your mother get killed, yet again, only this time, you still have someone: the boy that rescued you in the first place. Imagine you were that person, then sit there with a straight face and tell me that Mikasa’s devotion to protecting Eren is unjustified. Oh, you can’t? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Moving on.*

Major Relationships:

With Eren: A core part of Mikasa’s entire character is her devotion to protecting Eren from harm in any way, even if it costs her her own life. Her entire point of existing, at first, is to be his bodyguard. However, she has proven that she could manage to cope if anything were to happen to him, when she is snapped out of a suicidal state of mind by her memories of Eren. She never hesitates to stand between Eren and danger of any kind, be it a Titan or the military.

eren 9

Mikasa threatening the entire Garrison in Trost to protect Eren.

This devotion was born when she was very young, when Eren saved her from a life of slavery, and it has evolved into something far greater than gratitude. There are several instances where is is made extremely obvious.


During the Battle of Trost, when Mikasa and Eren were assigned to different groups, one of her superiors tells her that she can “go and protect her boyfriend”, referring to Eren, and Mikasa blushed.

After Levi helped rescue Eren, levi asked her “Eren is a very dear friend, right?” and her response was “No, I…” (Let’s complete the sentence: “No, I… love him.” “No, I… want to be the mother of his child.” “No, I… dream of making sweet music with him.” Yes, in case you didn’t notice, I ship Eremika. I’m pretty sure that’s obvious by this point.)

After Eren emerged from his Titan form alive, when Mikasa hugged him, her expression said it all. You can literally see the relief in her eyes, and the fact that she has realized her life has meaning again. It is an extremely powerful moment.

mikasa 7

Mikasa’s reaction to finding Eren alive.

As of chapter fifty of the manga, a romantic relationship between them is 99% canon . Eren, who was still waiting for his hands to regenerate, and Mikasa, who was too badly injured to pose any threat against a Titan, found themselves surrounded by Titans, and, more specifically, the one that ate their mother. Mikasa, realizing that death was upon them both, thanked Eren for teaching her how to live her life and for giving her his scarf. They nearly share a kiss until Eren, whose hands regenerated in the meantime, tells Mikasa “for now on, we’ll be together”, and tries to fight the Titan himself.

manga 4    manga 5   manga 6    manga 7

Eren is, essentially, the driving force behind everything Mikasa does, the only person she needs to be happy with life, and the last remnant of a family that she feels she can’t afford to lose.

With Armin: Mikasa has a fairly close bond with Armin, mainly because he’s Eren’s best friend. As children, Mikasa helped Eren save Armin from bullies numerous times, and there was even one case where she punched Eren for insulting Armin. She has proven that she values and respects Armin, as she has put her faith in Armin’s plans frequently, and when Armin told her that he had led to Eren’s death, Mikasa, rather than get angry with Armin, tried to comfort him.

mikasa 8

Armin and Mikasa, after Armin confesses that he caused Eren’s death.

She seems to care about protecting Armin to a point, seen when she refuses to leave him alone to fight off Titans during the Battle of Trost. There are also several scenes in the manga where Mikasa and Armin are seen talking to each other, cementing the idea that they are indeed friends, and Mikasa likes him as a person rather than just seeing him as Eren’s best friend. The standout is after Eren is kidnapped by Reiner, Mikasa gets depressed and even starts to cry, and Armin tries to comfort her.


With Annie: Mikasa’s relationship with Annie is half rivalry, and half violent hatred. As trainees, Annie expressed a strong dislike for Mikasa, simply because Mikasa was a better fighter than her, even going so far as to call her a beast in the manga. However, Mikasa wasn’t really bothered by this; it wasn’t until Annie attempted to kidnap Eren as the Female Titan that Mikasa developed hatred for Annie. Mikasa aggressively tried to take Annie on by herself, but it wasn’t until she teamed up with Levi that they were able to rescue Eren.

mikasa 10

When you kidnap Eren, and Mikasa has this expression on her face, you are fucked, my friend. Royally fucked.

Even then, with the combined abilities of both Mikasa and Levi, they weren’t successful in defeating her. Later, when the Survey Corps attempted to arrest Annie, Mikasa lost her patience and confronted her with open hostility, effectively ruining any chance to reason with her and prompting Annie to transform in the middle of the city. Admittedly, this was a dumb choice on Mikasa’s part, as Armin probably could have talked some sense into Annie. In the end, Mikasa was the one that prevented Annie’s escape by cutting off her fingers when she attempted to climb the wall, albeit at the cost of many lives.

mikasa 9

Mikasa prevents Annie’s escape.

With Levi: Mikasa’s relationship with Levi began as, and continues to be, fairly negative. She first witnessed Levi beating the hell out of Eren at his military trail, and if Armin hadn’t stopped her, Mikasa would have started a fight with him right then and there. After Eren was kidnapped by the Female Titan, Mikasa gave chase, but realized that she would need Levi’s help to save Eren. Their truce, in her mind, was temporary, and even as they gave chase after Annie, Mikasa criticized Levi for his squad not doing their job and protecting Eren, like they were supposed to. Levi’s reaction to her accusations was to merely say “you’re Eren’s close friend, aren’t you?” They haven’ t interacted much since then. Despite Levi overhearing Mikasa threaten him to Eren, Levi is willing to work with Mikasa. However, Mikasa holds a grudge against him for hurting Eren and wants nothing to do with him. Interestingly enough, Mikasa seemed to have learned a great deal from watching Levi fight, as she has begun to incorporate his spin technique into her own battle style.

mikasa 11

Mikasa and Levi chase Annie.

Final Thoughts: On the surface, Mikasa Ackerman is just another typical,  repressed, quiet badass that makes everybody else look bad and possesses skills that outshine everyone else around her by a mile. However, when you stop and take a look at the simply amazing character development she has received, Mikasa becomes one of the most admirable, and by far the most tragic, characters in the series. With Mikasa, we have someone whose entire character is built around loss, which, to be frank, is very depressing, but part of the reason I love her so much.

Look at it this way: How did Mikasa come to meet Eren? The loss of her parents. How did Mikasa become such a complete badass? The loss of her parents. How did she come to join the army? The loss of her foster parents, and not wanting to lose her brother.  What kind of events spark a strong emotion in her? The possibility of losing Eren. What makes her cry? Losing Eren. What almost made her commit suicide? The loss of Eren. Loss, loss, loss, loss loss. Everything that motivates Mikasa, is partially to prevent even more loss in her life, and partially because she genuinely cares about Eren. To be honest, Mikasa is possibly one of the most tragic anime characters of all time.

While, for some reason I will never understand, many people seem to dislike Mikasa, to me, she is the most fascinating character by far in Shingeki no Kyojin.

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69 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan) Character Analysis: Mikasa Ackerman

  1. Andrew says:

    This was an amazing read and I am glad to see and feel the same way as you do! She is such quite a tragic heroine and I honestly adore her as a character who is developing into so much more! I’m just annoyed by the long waiting periods I have to endure for the manga itself (which are 1 month periods) to see her develop with Eren. Seeing them being canon finally makes my heart jump for joy to be honest haha!

  2. Arvin Saints says:

    I like your analysis of her character, though what I’ve written in my blog is the opposite. I think she’s not a well-made character. She has nothing going on in her but Eren Eren Eren. I don’t know, I just don’t see her as a tragic character. The so-called tragedy is like a poor attempt to make me sympathize to her. The kind of tragedies that affect me are like those of Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica.

    I enjoyed this review, it’s nice to see a different perspective of Mikasa. As I said, I’ve also written an analysis of her (in the anime only) in my blog. If you want to check it out too, here it is.

  3. Hannah says:

    Hey! I was curious but when Mikasa says “No…I.” What did she meant to say to Levi in actuality? I’m actually not sure if you were serious when you filled in the blanks for those.

    Also, will we ever find out who won the fighting during training with Mikasa vs. Annie?

    • Haha, that wasn’t serious at all.. That was just my biased fangirling over Eremika. She didn’t actually finish the sentence, all she was was “No, I…” which is open to speculation, but I (and I’m talking in complete seriousness here), think that’s what was going through her mind.

      I want to see that fight. Badly.

      • Hannah says:

        Has Mikasa always felt that way for Eren though? I understand later on she does when we read the manga, but at that point, does she really feel intimately for him right there? I

        And yea! The fight between her and Annie looked crazy. I know a lot of forums people were dying to see who would’ve won. Who do you think would’ve won?

    • Not as children, but I think she has been in love with Eren (as in, a romantically) for quite a while. As I said in the article, there are many points that suggest that, the standout being when someone calls Eren her “boyfriend” and she blushed. Maybe it’s just me, but if someone called my brother my boyfriend, I sure as hell wouldn’t blush. XD

      As for the fight, I’d say Mikasa probably won. I say that because, from what we know, there’s no reason to assume Annie could beat Mikasa in a fight. Annie is shown as having considerable skills, but Mikasa was the top of her class in every field, except academics. If you look into the manga deeper, it says Eren was number two in the class in hand-to-hand, second only to Mikasa. Add that to just the way Annie seems to hate Mikasa, and the fact that she’s never admitted to defeating Mikasa in anything, and I think it’s reasonable to assume Annie lost. Though, that’s just my thoughts. Who knows for sure? I really want to see those results!

      • Hannah says:

        Wow, that was a great analysis too! Thank you for the insight. I’m extremely absorbed into this manga at the moment and I ship Eremika like crazy too haha. When I read chapter 50 when it first came out, I jumped for joy seeing that scene between the two and the blushing, smiling face of Mikasa, which is kind of ironic since they were heading to their demise. Besides that, I can’t recall when was the last time Mikasa smiled like that besides her childhood.

        Oh wow, I always thought Eren placed #1 in hand-to-hand combat. Do you mind showing me where Mikasa placed top in hand-to-hand within the manga? I actually do agree with you in that Mikasa won that fight too. I just hope there will be a future flashback that’ll show us that. Besides that, why did Eren have a hard time deciding who would’ve won that fight? I’m guessing at the time, he wouldn’t have quickly chose Mikasa because he doesn’t display that type of affection for Mikasa like Mikasa would to Eren, correct?

      • Binks says:

        Well in hand-to-hand combat, Eren might have actually placed third if you think about. As seen in both the manga and anime it has been stated that Annie never took this particular training seriously, as she had been doing nothing other than “fooling around” like other cadets. We see this from Connie, Sasha, Jean, and possibly even other cadets. Except of course Annie just really walked around and observed everyone more so than lazily fighting or doing some odd dance such as Connie, Sasha, and Jean.

    • I literally cannot wait for chapter 50 to be animated. I might implode more than I did when I saw Mikasa cry when she found Eren alive after the Titan ordeal. And I’m hoping and praying that Eren and her have more touchy-feely moments in the future. Interestingly enough, I think his desire to protect Mikasa is what triggered his new ability, which, after how she’s always been putting her life on the line for him, is just fucking adorable in every way imaginable.

      I looked it up for you, and that specific scene where it says Mikasa beats Eren in hand-to-hand is on pages 12 and 13 of chapter 3. Yeah, that’s fair to say. I think it’s partially that, and partially because Annie had literally just kicked Eren’s ass in a training exercise, so he knew that she (Annie, that is) is no push-over firsthand. That, and I think that the other trainees, just by how they reacted (by saying things like “they’re finally going to fight”) saw Mikasa and Annie as equal rivals and they honestly weren’t sure which one would win.

      • Hannah says:

        Me too! Season 2 is going to take a while before it will be animated unfortunately, which makes me sad. And same here! Oh my goodness. I thought seeing Mikasa cry while hugging Eren was emotional, but seeing her confession and smiling was even more beautiful. And I completely agree. We still don’t even know if Dr. Jaeger’s serum was actually what completely triggered Eren’s transformation in the first place! It could’ve been Eren all along with specific moments that pushed Eren to the limit.

        And awesome! Thank you so much. I shall check it out immediately! I kind of wish Eren just completely backed up Mikasa though… LOL. Inside I was screaming, “IT’S GOING TO BE MIKASA OBVIOUSLY..”

        By any chance are there ways to contact you via email or private messages on wordpress? You’re honestly one of the only people who completely understand what I’m feeling when I read this manga, towards Mikasa haha!

    • Yeah, feel free to email me at I also have Skype and Facebook, but I’ll give you the details on that via email 🙂

      • Hannah says:

        Awesome, thank you so much!
        I sent you an email under my real name since I’m using my sister’s account right now haha.

  4. Albert Castle says:

    Very interesting post for which I mostly agree at; However, and in order so nobody misunderstands post I must leave clear that I also am a Mikasa fanboy. Having said that, I disagree that Mikasa’s relationship with Eren is solely protective: She has MAYOR co-dependency issues. Once again, before you misunderstand me, allow me to ellaborate on it further: Not only did she went suicidal when she found out he was dead, but the only reason she fought to survive before titan Eren saved her was so she would be able to live to remember him. I completely understand and accept the reasons for her behaviour, yet at the end of the day she is, indeed, clingy to him. And that is her mayor (and debatably only) flaw.
    However, that very said flaw is actually her saving grace in my eyes: That saves her from being categorized as “Just a Marie Sue” which pretty much everyone that doesn’t like her chant like every three seconds, much to my annoyance. In that sense, I see her over-dependance as a necessary evil, which can be “cured” through the story by means of character development. If that happens, then she will definitely be my all time favorite female manga character. (If it doesn’t, I’ll seriously call BS) yet that is just my opinion. (forgive the long-ass post, btw 🙂 )

  5. Darth says:

    Actually, I agree with Castle there. I would be more blunt in my case, though. No need to dull the words of your opinions to please anyone’s grandmother.

    We might all like Mikasa but her relationship with Eren isn’t just protective. There are co-dependency issues there which the writer obviously planned that way. Considering Mikasa’s past, it shouldn’t even be surprising. She’s been through a lot with Eren.

    But let’s face it – should anything ever make Eren an enemy of humanity, Mikasa would probably fight alongside him against humans. Armin, on the other hand, will most likely try to see reason. What am I saying? It seems Mikasa’s inclinations (good/bad/whatever) are tied directly to Eren’s. Is that an example of co-dependency? Yes, I think it is.

    However, like Castle said, this is what makes her the intruiging character she is. She hasn’t gotten as much character development as Jean, Armin or Eren yet (her ONLY really introspective moment was when she thought Eren to be dead), but little of the females we see on the show do anyway. She’s great, yes, but some character development will even make her awesomer.

    No apologies for the long review there.

    • Albert says:

      I lol’d. Usually I’m very blunt (borderline rude sometimes) I dulled it a little since sometimes some (yet not all) people don’t take a comment seriously unless if thoroughly explained. Anyway, were here to talk about Mikasa, so let’s move on:

      I agree with you on the fact that Mikasa’s mayor development was during the Trost arc, since it showed that she was able to move on if Eren died (albeit for a VERY invalid reason) however, the tricky part there was the fact that at the end he was alive after all, which, if you ask me, pretty much cancelled out her development on it (if anything, it actually INCREASED her over-protectiveness over him).

      The only thing I wonder now is how would her character be developed, since so far everything involving her personality has to do with Eren and Armin (to an extent). I really don’t see her developing a relationship in the same level as Eren’s with another character unless Eren becomes a douche to her or something, which is something I do not look forward to. I just hope Isayam knows how to handle her, since it would be stupid if he just leaves her like that.

      On the “Mikasa vs Annie battle, I go for Mikasa, not because I’m a fan for her, but because the statistics: She was #1 at her class on combat, right? just sayin’.

    • Please. As if Eren would ever turn against humanity.

  6. Darth says:

    Oh, and on the ‘battle’ thing too, I don’t know. We’ve seen what both girls are capable of, and from the anime at least, we can see why Annie wouldn’t be top of her class in hand-to-hand combat…… She lacks the motivation.

    However, she’s got some serious martial art skills (both in titan form and out of it). Much more than Eren obviously. I’d liken her style to Thai kick-boxing, maybe? Mikasa, on the other hand, is a beast, just like Annie said. She is freakishly strong! Superhuman even! Seems like your typical might vs technique battle to me. I can understand why Eren wouldn’t recall the winner.

    Might is good, but even a rookie martial arts specialist is taught to use an opponent’s strength against them. The author wisely left it at 50-50. Take ur pick, people!

    • Karin Wilder says:

      I thought it might be interesting to mention that many people have also written insightful views on Annie’s character in the manga and anime. So not only Eren/Mikasa/Armin are the only “developed” characters.

  7. weizee says:

    Please please please keep posting this character analysis on all the rest of the characters, your articles are just simply beyond awesome! I love your way of expressing how you clearly enlighten and show their negative and positive traits, handling situations and personas. Please keep making more and more I love you :’) ❤

    Can't wait for the others especially 2) Bertholdt, 3) Historia and 4) Jean ❤

    These are my favorite characters right after the living legend Mikasa ❤ ❤ which is obviously my number 1 ;D

    Regards ❤

  8. professor says:

    These two belong together,no if’s or but’s,that’s for sure,mikasa is perfect and eren will eventually start paying more interest in that part of their relationship,as much as I enjoy reading the manga,would be better watching it on tv,still the best I’ve come accross so far and since day one I was rooting for eren and mikasa,seeing these two together would be the best thing in the manga(other than solving their current titan problem,you know,being lunch for the titans) attack on titan,No.1 for me

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  11. carla says:

    I think romance would make snk even more wonderful because it depends whether both mikasa or eren survive the titan struggle and it will give an extreme suspense.

  12. Flávia says:

    Wow, awesome analysis! Mikasa is also my favorite character. I would love be your friend, so I would have a person who think like me to talk about SNK *-*

    About the relationship between Mikasa and Annie, I think one of the reason of her disliking Annie is jeaslousy. I say that because in the manga, when she throw Reiner over Annie and Eren, when Annie had Eren immobilized, and ask: “why don’t you teach those move to me as well?”, looked like a very jealousy thing to me. Looked like they were fighting for Eren. (I’m dying to know who won).

    And Eren hesitating to choose who he think would win (While Jean promptly bet his dinner on Mikasa). I’m not sure what to think about it, I can be imagining things, but seemed to me Reiner asking Eren who he would pick, as a question of double meaning.

    I really want to see Mikasa beat Annie in this fight, but I can’t guess who could have won! I bet in Mikasa, but the time Eren remember this fight make me doubt. He he was losing to a stronger oponent and remember Annie taught him that he can win if he uses moves and so on. It would make sense if he remember this because Annie won, even Mikasa being strong. But maybe not, because he can’t remember the final.

    Finally, the scene where Eren couldn’t transform to fight Annie and Mikasa says: “Maybe… some special sort of feeling are preventing you from doing so?”, sounds a lot like jealous and sarcastic to me. hahhahah

    Anyway, that just make me love mikasa even more, these scenes where she shows feelings and make me buy the fight for me. I’m sorry if my text is a little confusing (my english is awful), and I would like to know your opinion about it :DD

  13. Greg says:

    I just finished watching the series at least as of now, and although I like Mikasa, I would have liked to watch her become physically competent, and occasionally lose in a physical confrontation. In a fight against Annie, I would have given it to Annie just to continue to cause strife. Is her almost supernatural and unlearned fighting skill a reflection of Eren’s gift of titan power?

    I was wrenched inside after Eren was first rescued from the Annie Titan, when he asked if Mikasa had saved him again… that feeling of emasculation would drive me insane.

  14. Petrit Zeneli says:

    Please Mikasa is an obsessive little bitch, believing that everything revolves around her and Eren…she’s convinced herself through her own selfish grandeur that what she’s doing for Eren is for his own good, when in the end she only wants it to benefit her own selfish needs. Just look at how she constantly wander over to Eren trying to grab hold of his hand…I know she’s still got some PTSD after witnessing the deaths of her parents, but the way she treats Eren after being adopted into Eren’s family, and even afterwards when they grow up…she never leaves his side! I’d find that a nuisance and even more so annoying. Eren never get’s space away from her, and her constant obsession is going to eventually get him killed. I know Eren is all the family she has left…but learn to grow independent will you! Eren won’t always be there for her, and neither will she be there for him…but even I know that her constant obbsesive behaviour isn’t what I would call “Healthy”. Even when Eren and Annie were sparring…hell she still had it in for their closeness, and I beat you anything Mikasa lost that fight….I just know it.

    Mikasa practically controls Eren life like as though he was her pet, she even manipulates him to switch of his humanity so that he could fight Annie against his will…even stopping him from getting to her, so he could fight her captors.

    Here’s one thing that I’ve realized about the people who watch this anime, and read the manga…you people think you’ve figured every single character out, but you have no clue about their dark nature…you believe your own opinions, to the point where that’s the only evidence you can bring yourself to recognize without stepping back and looking at the bigger picture…I swear some of you people have no clue! You people really have no clue at all.

    • ksun says:

      how does she control him? she only follows him. in the anime she said that wherever in the military he goes, so will she. and i will agree with a lot of both sides – she is both protective and clingy (to a point) and she probably has a lot of issues. she’s protective because she can’t lose eren, and she’s clingy because she CAN’T lose eren. and also, opinions do not mean people don’t have a clue. you can turn your last paragraph on yourself and apply that to yourself, as well.

  15. Blue says:

    I like mikasa Here, why people hate her ? she’s the best female character for me….

  16. Mika fan says:

    I agree with you on all that you have said I feel like someone has taken my thoughts and wrote them down and I thank you for this

    • Paul says:

      Mikasa protects eren because he is all she has left it is obvious that she loves him anyone can see that eren love her as well if u watch the anime wen they wanted to take back trost when she insisted on coming with eren eren said no because he knows that she would probably get herself killed just to protect and he thinks she is doing this cos she feels indebted to him but in chapter 50 of the manga in sure eren has feelings for mikasa that is what prompt him to his new found power just to protect her if anyone insults mikasa again then u are the bigest fool alive…if it was u in her position what will u do?

  17. […] Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan) Character Analysis: Mikasa Ackerman ( […]

  18. nick neba says:

    Yeah i like her so much,she is so beautiful

  19. Raze_13 says:

    Beside beautiful,she perfect in any category and it make a perfect couple with eren..

  20. She is so beautiful, I love her hope he stays with Eren :3

  21. Wow, this is very similar to what I wrote a year ago in July! XD

    I love how you mentioned the events of Volume 12 as I just bought the physical version recently. You can’t be loyal to everyone, right? I’m interested to see how the character continues to evolve, give recent events with regards to her possible ties to people who don’t seem connected to her.

  22. Eric D. says:

    I just started following SNK recently. I have to admit, I have to blame netflix for starting this obsession of these anime/manga series. After watching the first episode, I spent the rest of the day watching the entire first season in one siting. (kind of shows how much I enjoy this anime/manga)

    Before this I was a total bleach fanboy but after SNK/AOT came out, bleach has been pushed down the totem pole for me.

    I absolutely love your analysis of Mikasa and I completely agree with what you and almost everyone on this thread.I keep seeing that Mikasa is disliked by many others, but I say to hell with them. She is also now , my no 1. anime/manga character of all time! (Ichigo Kurosaki and Kuchiki Rukia again has been pushed down)

    I’m am a hopeless romantic and I too have been happy to have caught up with the Manga and finally get to see the genuine feelings Mikasa has for Eren. It is absolutely heart-warming that I may able to finally see a canon relationship between two characters. (Throughout the entire stint of bleach I was hoping to see a real relationship develop between either Ichigo and Rukia/or Orihime with the only “real” moment was when Orhimie left for Hueco Mundo)

    I cannot wait for the next season to come out on anime and the next chapter for the manga. It would be really nice to keep in communication with you and have these discussions about Eremika and the series in whole. Thanks so much for such a great character analysis!

    Sorry for such a long comment.

  23. Goranplax says:

    mikasa sucks she is bad at entertaining and an ass at being decent.

  24. Goranplax says:

    mikasa is pure fiction

  25. Abby says:

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said here. Mikasa is my favorite anime character of all time as well. I am fascinated by the fact that her character is developed around loss, but I think that’s what her character needed for her to be as strong as she is, if it makes any sense. I also agree that Mikasa’s devotion to Eren is protectiveness rather than clinginess. I don’t know why people say that… I suppose it’s because they can’t put themselves in her shoes, and just think about how they would feel if she were that protective of THEM, which is stupid. I also think that she loves him as more than a brother-figure, but she isn’t fully aware of her feelings yet. I really think given their history, and combining Eren’s passion and Mikasa’s strength, they would be a love that could withstand anything. Aka, EreMika is like my OTP).

    I really love her though, she’s one of those characters who I want to be, because she’s such an awesome bada**, but don’t at the same time, because if all the grief, pain, and loss she’s experienced in her life. I really admire her just for being able to accomplish so much in spite of all she’s been through. Most people, I think, would have just shut completely down. Though her emotions are dulled from her pain, she hasn’t shut down. She is, overall, the strongest fictional character I’ve ever come across, ever, both mentally and physically. More so than Hermione Granger or Katniss Everdeen, or any anime heroine. I think she’ll always be my favorite anime character.

    Wow, I kinda made this into a whole analysis myself. Sorry!

    • Eric D. says:

      Nice Reply Abby, couldn’t said it any better.

    • Eric D. says:

      Also, if you’ve read chapter 50, its not said out right, but the implication is there, Mikasa definitely loves Eren more than a brother figure.

      If you watch the Anime and look at the end of episode 25 when Eren is recovering and Eren and Mikasa is left alone. When Mikasa goes to hold Eren’s hand and says that she’s glad the he came back after his confession of feeling that it was OK if he died, you can see in his eyes that something changed in his feeling toward Mikasa. It’s assumed that he would normally say something to the extent of he’ll be OK and that she doesn’t need to worry about/baby him. Instead he has a somewhat confused/loving/caring gaze toward Mikasa.

      Maybe it’s just me, especially since I love the entire EreMika ship and am really happy that it’s 99% canon, but that’s just how I feel about this particular situation involving both Eren and Mikasa.

  26. Retro says:


    Inside of talents, you noted that Mikasa was second only to Levi. However, in the manga it was confirmed by several soldiers that Mike Zacharious was second only to Levi (and perhaps even further than that after revealing Kenny Ackerman the teacher of Levi). Mike was the guy with the strong sense of smell that died while fighting against the Beast Titan.

  27. Marco D. says:

    Very nice wordpress blog, you have here, will read the rest too.
    Totally agree with you, really hope Eren and Mikasa become a couple.

    Have not been so excited about two fictional Characters Lovestory since Shinji and Asuka ( Neon Genesis Evangelion), and i was so damn disappointed about the damn Ending of that Lovestory.

    Please for once in a Lifetime: Hajime Isayama and/or Tetsurō Araki.
    Make EreMikasa a Thing and i will buy the whole Series again as Special Edition , same for the Manga Special Edition.

    Give us the happy ending please, i want to see Eren and Mikasa in the End of the whole Series , walking out together of a small House on a huge hill, seeing their children play in the Garden and then with a cameraturn looking down on Wall Maria, Wall rose and Wall Sina but from the Outside. That would make me happy for a whole Month :).

  28. Samurai_TwoSeven says:

    I totally agree with your analysis of Mikasa. She is borderline emotionally unstable, overly protective, and definitely obsessive of Eren. She is my favorite anime character in the series and over all. Eren while badass, has some serious faults. Levi is down right creepy. Annie, well she’s a bitch. Berlot and Reiner, assholes.

    One OMFG moments of Mikasa and Eren include that scene from chapter 50. I flipped my shit when I got to that part. My reaction, OMFG that scene was so cliché it’s not even funny.

    One thing I did notice you neglected was the possibility of Mikasa and Levi being related. I mean seriously they look insanely similar. What’s your thoughts on it.

    Question, what do you think is going on beyond Wall Maria?

    • Lauren_123 says:

      Well spoiler alert- Mikasa and Levi are related. They are both Ackermans.

      And yes omg I loved Chapter 50. I seriously hope there will be more moments between them, but Isayama saying there’s no romance going to happen makes me worry. I hope he changes his mind!

  29. Guest123 says:

    You mentioned the conversation between Levi and Mikasa in the forest. I’ve read the manga and watched the show, and this is the internet so here comes my two cents! What I took from the dialogue in the forest before Levi evicerates Annie:

    Mikasa to Levi: No I.. I’m his…


    Is what I think she was going to say. I speculate she stops because she realizes she doesn’t believe it, and she realizes neither will Levi.

    This scene serves to demonstrate Mikasa’s internal struggle to come to grips with the emotions she feels for Eren. After all her worst fear is losing Eren, confessing romantic feelings for him might push him away. So, when prodded by Levi she is quick to blush and begin a knee-jerk “no no we’re just family” response. I think this exchange is specifically meant to develop E&M’s relationship.

  30. Jamie says:

    Mikasa isn’t second, though. Mikasa is third. Mike Zacharius ranks second to Levi. Other than that, good read. It’s nice to see more Mikasa-love.

  31. S says:

    I love your analysis on Mikasa. She’s my favorite also. Very well thoughtful and insightful.

  32. sarah says:

    i really like ur analysis about mikasa.i dont know why people dislike her n SNK.i think SNK is the best anime i’ve watched! 🙂

  33. I do have some concerns regarding female height. However it seems that Mikasa and most female characters are only around 15 years of age which means they might still grow.
    What my point is, that Attack on Titan has all types of characters, including ethnic diversity (as much as the story let’s it anyway), sexual orientation diversity, the characters personalities are well done and diverse as well, and altough body shape diversity is kinda lacking, it’s understandable, since most of the characters are supposed to be soldier acrobats which requires a fit and slender body type (huge chests and backs on female characters swinging around on cables like a steampunk spiderman would be kinda silly for instance)
    And for the record male height is quite diverse too, having really short (160 cm or so) to quite tall (195+ cm) characters as well. Given that the story states a general food shortage means that the main populace’s “bloodline” is of a quite tall type. So then I wonder why the tallest female character is only 172 cm as of the latest chapter in the manga.
    (It’s Ymir btw). If they are still growing then I guess it’s perfectly OK, but otherwise I miss taller female characters and I wonder why we didn’t see any of them over 175cm or more likely over 180 cm.
    I fear, as many of you might already tought “What, you miss female characters over 180 cm? Are you crazy, I never saw a woman that tall, you are crazy.” that the author’s own perception led him to believe that 175 cm for a woman is way too tall even for germanic people (which most of the characters seem to resemble).
    But the case is (altoguh I’m hungarian), that women get as high as 190 cm+ even (rare tough) or even 200 cm (very rare) and in my family as particular the avarage female height is 180 cm.
    And I kinda wish the otherwise awesome character diversity of Attack on Titan would include tall women as well with who I coudl root for. (Since, to put it plainly I’m fond of tall women)

  34. […] protective of Eren. There’s more tension and a sense of duty in their relationship. (Website Happy Katana has an excellent character analysis of Mikasa that is worth […]

  35. […] protective of Eren. There’s more tension and a sense of duty in their relationship. (Website Happy Katana has an excellent character analysis of Mikasa that is worth […]

  36. […] protective of Eren. There’s more tension and a sense of duty in their relationship. (Website Happy Katana has an excellent character analysis of Mikasa that is worth […]

  37. […] protective of Eren. There’s more tension and a sense of duty in their relationship. (Website Happy Katana has an excellent character analysis of Mikasa that is worth […]

  38. buajte says:

    why does people like her? female character without personality completely obsessed with the mc, he is the only thing he needs and any other person or any other goal just doesn’t exists, for her the entire humanity could die as long as eren is alive. people just think she is different because she isn’t over sexualized, but the anime took a little care of that.

  39. Hc Anom says:

    damn man, you know guys ?.. i’ve watched the live action version part 1, Mikasa is very different, live action version ruined her personality! Her ignored Eren and prefers to other person, who is this person ? Levi !! And the worse is… Levi kiss her lips to lips!!! damn… this film ruined Levi’s personality too !!! You can see Levi kiss her at the end of part 1, a priview or trailer for part 2 and will be released on September 19, 2015. Sorry for my bad english guys, but you will angry like me because this version is bullshit. Mikasa should have been more concerned with her closed family (Eren) than others. And another one, in part 1 there is a obscene scene that should not be there! not be in Shingeki No Kyojin story!

  40. Great analysis. I completely agree with almost everything you said. And honestly, I think Eren’s the one who needs to change. When you really think about it, Mikasa being so protective of Eren is pretty much his fault for being so reckless all the time. Eren’s intelligence really pales in comparison to Mikasa’s and especially Armin’s, since he’ll charge in blindly just to kill Titans, which has gotten him captured several times, which, considering he’s a male hero, is saying a lot. Honestly, Eren can be very selfish sometimes. He thinks that just because it was his mother who was killed all those years ago the entire burden is his to bear. His blind rage could easily get him killed, with him not thinking for a second what his death would mean not just to Mikasa, but to Armin and Sasha and everyone else. Hell, even Captain Levi knows full well he’s their best hope for standing a chance at beating the Titans. I bet you anything that by the end of the series Mikasa will call out Eren for all of this and he’ll finally accept that she’s not going to change. Whether he likes it or not, he’s stuck with her.

  41. Henrique says:

    Friend i love this my favourite character is mikasa i would love to see eremika i dont know why people say ereri because levi is fucking over 30 eren is 15 or mikasa x levi still the same levi is over 30 mikasa is 15 , but i dont think shes obsessed with eren she just luves him and dont want to lose him and do you know while people say “Levi Ackerman”

  42. Emma says:

    I love this description it seems spot on
    Mikasa 9 year old believed no doubt in Knight in shining armor thats Eren saved her gave her a home she clearly loves Eren and sees the future with him alone family etc and wants that which also be a reason behind keeping him alive and why she lost will to live her future destroyed plus she never got chance to explain her feelings

  43. Alex says:

    Mikasa is one of the best fighters from the entire history……… motivates anyone with her abilities, makes everyone wake up and always concentrate on their objectives……… she’s in first place among the 10 best soldiers……….. she’s stronger than Annie…….. wants Eren to be fine, even if he isn’t with her as long time………………………. maybe Eren should stop becoming a titan, i cannot watch him again bite his hand when fails and should try to be as a normal soldier as their fellows are for next season from 2017……..

  44. Daniel says:

    I really like the review, but you should totally update because Mikasa doesn’t really hate Levi anymore (Don’t have to). *Spoilers* The only time you see Mikasa show some what anger towards Levi is when Armin “died” and Levi refused to give it (titan serum ) to Armin. With that Mikasa begins to cry and if it wasn’t for Hanji she might have killed him to save Armin’s life. Eremika for life.

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