The GameCube Was Totally Great, Bro- Part 1


Hello there, everyone. Today, I’m going to do another first for Happy Katana. This is Happy Katana’s first reaction article. The person I am reacting to is my buddy, Jew, from Robot Boombox. A while ago, he wrote an article titled The GameCube Wasn’t That Great, Bro, which you can read here:

Ironically, his article was a reaction to my Nintendo fanboyism. Now, his article was great, don’t get me wrong. It was really well written, and he actually gave reasons as to why he’s not a big GameCube fan instead of just flat out bashing the system or giving stupid reasons, like “Hurr durr, it’s a purple cube,” or “its a kiddy system nintendo sux sony and microsoft rox!!!!!11” However, I couldn’t just take that lying down. As a lifelong Nintendo fan and a HUGE GameCube fan, I felt the need to defend my beloved Purple Lunchbox. So, in this article, you will get nothing but love for the Cube as I tell you just why I love this system so much and feel that it is underrated. So without further adieu, let the GCN lovefest begin.

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