Nickelodeon Vs. Cartoon Network: The Ultimate Deathmatch

Nickelodeon CN3

It’s a debate that’s been raging for nearly two decades: Which is better, Nickelodeon, or Cartoon Network? It’s been argued about endlessly, and no one ever agrees on which is better. In this article, I will attempt, once and for all, to determine which channel is better. I will make my decision based on three main categories:

Eras– I will talk about how good each channel was throughout the years, from each half of each decade starting with the early ’90s.

Spinoff Channels– Both Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network have spinoff channels, and those will factor into my final decision. After all, why just stop at the main channel like everyone else does?

Programming Blocks- Both channels are known for their programming blocks. They’re an important part of each channel, and as such, deserve to be included in the debate as well.

In reviewing these categories, I will attempt to create the most comprehensive article on this debate on the internet. Lets hope I succeed. Continue reading


Album Review: Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling

Hello everyone! I’ve been doing so much music stuff that I’ve decided to start doing album reviews. Maybe even song reviews. So, without further ado, here is my first ever album review.

Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling






So, I’ve been a fan of Lindsey Stirling for a long time now. Her violin skills are just so amazing that it’s almost a sin to not at least like one song that she has done. Well, one day I was browsing the iTunes store, looking for songs to add to my wishlist when I saw this. Lindsey Stirling had a new album out. Continue reading