Wow. Just, wow. I seriously can not believe the number of views we have. This is awesome! I would have never predicted Happy Katana to be this successful. Never. Seriously, I remember nearly a year after I created this website, I only had six views overall. Hell, I even made a post about it. Even at the beginning of 2013, which was shortly after I came back to the site and started truly taking it seriously, it only had 469. Hell, I remember being extremely excited when we reached 1,000. Now we have 100 times that. And it’s awesome! Seriously, I am so proud of myself (look at me and my giant ego) and everyone who writes here. Thank you Ashley, Brendan, Jacob, and Matt for helping me make Happy Katana an awesome website. It wouldn’t be nearly as good or as successful without you guys. And a gigantic thank you to everyone else who made this possible. Thank you, JEW, for designing our awesome banner. Thanks to friends and family for supporting us. Thank you to Robot Boombox, Zack’s Weekly Record, and Outskirt Noise for our first awesome collaboration. And most of all, thank you, Happy Katana fans! You are the reason we came this far. You who enjoy our articles. You who follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Those who share our articles on other websites (we’ve gotten a lot of traffic from people posting our articles on Reddit and their personal websites). You guys are awesome! We appreciate you supporting us throughout our history. Here’s to another 100,000!

About Mr. Awesome

Hey everyone, I'm Mr. Awesome.

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