Pokemon Review #2: Ivysaur



Ivysaur suffers from what I like to call “Middle Stage Evolution Disorder.” It’s a disorder in which the Middle Stage Pokemon aren’t as memorable, and frankly, not as good as either their pre-evolved forms or their final Evolutions. Unfortunately, many Pokemon suffer from this condition, and Ivysaur is merely the first in a long line of these poor guys.

That’s not to say that Ivysaur is a bad Pokemon. Far from it. It’s just that he’s not as cool as either Bulbasaur or Venusaur. But Ivysaur is a good Pokemon in his own right. I like the new bulb on his back, even if it got smaller and changed color. The leaves are a nice touch, His teeth are also sharper than Bulbasaur’s, which is a plus in my opinion. And as opposed to Bulbasaur’s happy, smiley face, Ivysaur looks far more serious and stoic, which is quite cool.

But where MSED really starts to become apparent is in his basic design. I mean, if you take away the new bulb, he looks pretty much looks like a slightly bigger Bulbasaur with sharper teeth and a more serious face. It’s not the most creative design, is what I’m getting at. Also, I can’t recall any really memorable moments involving Ivysaur in the anime. But all in all, Ivysaur is still a really good Pokemon.

Grade: B+


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