Pokemon Review #4: Charmander


And now we move on to the Starter that almost everyone chose at the beginning of Pokemon Red/Blue. And why the hell wouldn’t he be the starter of choice for most Pokemon fans?

Bulbasaur and Squirtle are great, but Charmander is the definition of a perfect starter. He’s a Fire Type, and trying not to sound like a Genwunner, Gen 1 Fire Types are almost unanimously amazing. He’s adorable as all hell. He’s a cute baby dragon that eventually evolves into a badass adult dragon. The flame on his tail is cool (hot?) as hell. It’s also essential to his survival, as he will die if it extinguishes. Everything about his design screams awesome. And the whole Charmander line is absolutely superb.

Charmander in the anime is also great. His loyalty to Damian is heartbreaking, as Damian is a worthless trainer who vainly places emphasis on strong Pokemon instead of caring about the Pokemon he has and he has selfish motivations. When Ash rescues Charmander from a thunderstorm that he got caught in waiting for Damian, that really warmed my heart. I know there’s an Ash hate bandwagon nowadays that just loves to talk about how inferior he is to Red, but fuck those people. Actions like this are what make me love Ash. In addition, Charmander had one of my favorite voices in the anime. It was so goddamn adorable. And Charmander was the only one in his line that had any respect for Ash. Seriously, Charmeleon and Charizard were dicks.

Grade: A+


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