Pokemon Review #5: Charmeleon


Okay, so Charmeleon suffers from Middle Stage Evolution Disorder, but only slightly. I mean, Charmander is the perfect Starter (if you like Fire Types, that is), and Charizard is incredibly awesome, one of the greatest Pokemon of all time. You really can’t blame poor Charmeleon for not living up, you know? Saying that, Charmeleon is really cool on his own merits.

First of all, I like the crest on his head and his bigger claws. It foreshadows his evolution to Charizard, which is nice. I also like how the flame on his tail got bigger. Sometimes, I love the little things like that. Some people may criticize the fact that Charmander and Charizard are the same color, while Charmeleon is a darker shade of orange, but I see that as being a unique trait.

Charmeleon in the anime was great. Seriously, he was a dick to Ash. Like, hardcore. I love it. See, while Charmander was the adorable baby dragon that adored his trainer, Charmeleon was like the teenage dragon who had no respect for anyone. Only, he didn’t really grow up once he was an adult until later in the series, but we’ll get to that in my next review. Overall, Charmeleon is another great Pokemon, even if he isn’t as memorable as the others in his evolutionary line.

Grade: A

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