I’m Not Dead

What’s this? An actual post on Happy Katana? What kind of Twilight Zone shit is this? So yeah, by now you probably thought Happy Katana was dead and would never come back. Well, I’m here to say that it is not dead, but it’s been on a sort of hiatus. You see, I haven’t had access to a computer in quite a long time until now. And don’t give me that “use a phone or iPod” crap, either, because WordPress doesn’t work for shit on mobile devices.

But yeah, the last post on here was in November, and honestly, I’m embarrassed, especially since I wasn’t exactly posting frequently then, either. I mean, this isn’t freaking Sydlexia. I kid, I kid. So, yeah, I hope to get this site back in order and return it to its former glory. You know, back in 2013, when I posted frequently and the future looked bright before my articles became more and more sparse. I plan to get some Pok√©mon reviews knocked out, and also finish my interview with a certain internet personality. Hopefully, the Happy Katana revival will be sooner, rather than later.