Pokemon Review #9: Blastoise


Okay, I started doing these reviews in October of 2014. I am just now finishing the Kanto Starters in August 2015. What the hell? Well, at least you’ll never have to worry about me running out of Pokemon to review by the time the 7th Generation is inevitably announced. Anyways, Blastoise. He’s pretty fucking awesome. After the disappointment that was Wartortle, we need this beast of destruction to get back on track. He has great stats, and remember how I said in my Squirtle review that turtles were some of the best animals to exist? Well, Blastoise shows you the wonders of adding cannons to the mix. Just look at the guy. I can just imagine him crushing everything in his path with his huge frame and oversized feet. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s just shooting Hydro Pumps from those cannons like nobodies business, not showing a single shred of mercy as he continues on his path of destruction. No one is safe from Blastoises wrath.

Grade: A+


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