Pokemon Review #12: Butterfree


Alright, so here we have the first in a long line of butterfly/moth Pokemon. So, how does she stack up? Well, she’s not spectacular or anything, but I would call her a good Pokemon. She’s super adorable, and I like the red/blue/purple /black/white color scheme. Those big eyes really seal the cuteness factor, though. Thank god they didn’t go with realistic segmented eyes. Bye Bye Butterfree is also a great episode of the anime. All in all, a good Pokemon, but there are certainly far better Bug Types.

Grade: B


Pokemon Review #11: Metapod


Ugh, just what is this green piece of shit? To be fair, it’s hard to make a cocoon Pokemon cool, but surely they could have done a better job than this. It looks ugly as sin, and there are way too many lines on this thing. Not only that, but catching a Metapod is senseless, as it only knows Harden. You’d be better off just catching a Caterpie. The only reason I’m not giving this the dreaded F- is that it gives you a decent amount of experience for how early you encounter him. Oh, and he levels up fast as hell, so you don’t have to put up with him for long.

Grade: F