Happy Katana- State Of The Site In 2016

So, if you couldn’t already tell, I haven’t been doing the best job keeping Happy Katana updated. I haven’t had Wi-Fi for a few months, but then I said fuck it and am now going to start bringing my laptop to places with free Wi-Fi. This will afford me the opportunity to revive a site that I’m sure several people thought was dead. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been doing my part to keep the site strong with frequent articles. I hope to change that. Here are some things I hope to do to ensure that 2016 is the best year this site has had yet:

  • I am currently writing a rant on modern gaming (very original, I know).
  • I hope to actually get some work done on my Top 100 SpongeBob Episodes I’ve been promising since freaking 2013.
  • I am in talks with a new writer, who will be joining the site very shortly. I also want to try to get some other writers on board.
  • I want to do some other big lists. Perhaps a giant video game list, or a huge animated movie or animated series list.
  • I would like to revive Disney Month especially.
  • More articles on non gaming subjects. I do love writing about video games, so those articles won’t stop, but I do want some more representation for movies, sports, TV, music, and books.
  • Update links and remove dead links. Also, I hate to say it, but I’m also deleting the forums and removing them from the front page. Not only have I gotten a virus from Forumotion in the past, and don’t want anyone else to get one, but the boards didn’t take off like I thought they would. Perhaps in the future when I know it’d be able to work out.

There’s more I’d like to do, but you get the general idea. I want to ensure that Happy Katana is back in order this year. So, with that in mind, I predict that 2016 will be a better year than the past few years.