Pokemon Review #34: Nidoking


Aw yiss! The Big Boi is here to wreak havoc on some poor unsuspecting fools. Just like Nidoqueen, this guy looks like a god damn juggernaut. Unlike Nidoqueen, however, our boy Nidoking looks more than merely imposing or intimidating. He looks downright fearsome. Giant tail, spikes everywhere, sharp teeth, fierce stance, badass plate armor. Yeah, he’s got everything you could want in a Pokemon.

Remember when Lieutenant Surge mentioned that mysterious Polemon war that was never explained in detail? Well, you can bet your ass that at least one side had a few of these dudes fighting on the front lines. I mean, he’s got a huge movepool (Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Thunder, etc.) to destroy shit in a wide variety of fun ways. Furthermore, intimidation is half the battle, and Nidoking strikes fear not only in the hearts of men, but also in the blackened hearts of the most vile demons from the darkest depths of hell. If you manage to cross this fearsome monster, don’t even bother praying, because your pathetic god won’t be able to help you.

Grade: A+


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