Pokemon Review #35: Clefairy



Did you know that Clefairy was originally supposed to be the mascot of Pokemon? Did you know that I’m glad they went with Pikachu instead, because Pikachu’s actually memorable? Clefairy just doesn’t do much for me. She’s a fat pink thing like Jigglypuff, only with none of Jigglypuff’s charm.

That’s not to say Clefairy is a bad Pokemon. She’s got some good things going for her, and if Jigglypuff didn’t exist, I’d have a higher opinion of her. She’s relatively cute, and I like the star shape. She’s also the first Pokemon to have the cool gimmick of being an alien, something that has been done several time since. And I like when I get a Clefairy from a Pokeball in Smash Bros., as she tends to do a lotta damage.* So while she’s not a great Pokemon, she’s at least decent.

Grade: C

*This review has been sponsored by Flex Seal.


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