Pokemon Review #36: Clefable


Ugh. That’s all I can say. Actually, I’ll say more, because Clefable is an obese piece of shit that deserves to be insulted. An abomination, if you will. Clefable should have been swallowed by her mother when she was still semen. Get the fuck away from me, Clefable. No seriously, get the fuck away from me.

If Clefairy was an average Pokemon, then Clefable is dog shit terrible. It loses everything I liked about Clefairy. Gone is the star shape. Gone is the alien origin story. Now we have this pink bitch with the most down syndrome ass face and pose. Clefable is just a fat piece of shit, and not a cool fat piece of shit like Snorlax or Slaking, but a fat piece of shit that deserves to die of a heart attack brought on by obesity.

Grade: F-


2 thoughts on “Pokemon Review #36: Clefable

  1. Eli says:

    Good lord, absolutely decimated X_X

    Harsher than the harshest shizz I’ve ever read

    • Mr. Awesome says:

      “He killed him! He killed him! Bah gawd he is broken in half! Somebody stop the damn match!”

      This was harsh, but keep in mind I’m being tongue in cheek. Whenever I get to an awful F- Pokemon, I’m going to be absolutely brutal for comedic effect. And there are Pokemon later on in the Pokedex I hate far more than Clefable. So if you like savage roasts, I suppose that’s something to look forward to.

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