Pokemon Review #37: Vulpix


Aw, look at the cute little fox! So adorable. You know, even Pokemon fans who dislike the early generations will concede that if nothing else, the first generation was great at introducing Fire types to the world, and I have to agree. Sure, some types could have gotten more love early on like Ghost and Dragon, but Gen 1 Fire types will always be amazing. Vulpix is no exception.

I have to say, I love that hair. She’s stylish and she knows it. The six tails are a cool and unique idea, and they’re given a consistency with the hairstyle, which is great. I like how the white underbelly contrasts with the red fur, and how the paws are a darker red than the rest of her body. Oh, and did I mention she’s friggin’ adorable? Eevee is seen as the standard bearer of cute Pokemon, but I feel that Vulpix is every bit as precious.

Grade: A+


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