About Happy Katana

Hello there, everyone, and welcome to what is, without a doubt, the greatest website in the entire world. Okay, maybe it’s not THAT good, but I like to think it’s a good site. So, just what the hell is Happy Katana? I’m glad you asked.

Happy Katana is a pop culture website that aims to make great articles about a wide variety of subjects, from video games, to movies, to TV shows, and everything in between. Have we achieved that goal? I like to think that we have, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. I could tell you a brief history of Happy Katana? But you know what? I already did that, and I’m too lazy to write a new one. So if you want to know our wild and often turbulent history, just click this link: https://happykatana.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/happy-birthday-happy-katana/ What I will do, though, is share with you some of my influences in creating this site.

Retro Gaming Is Best– This is an old website I had, that was also on WordPress. It means a lot to me, as it’s the first ever website I took seriously. It means so much to me that I decided to bring all my RGIB articles to this website after deleting it.

Syd Lexia– Ah, Syd Lexia. This has to be my all time favorite website. It is also the one website, more than any other, that inspired me to start my own website. I love the articles on Syd Lexia. He has so many great articles, like the Top 100 SNES Games Of All Time, 50 NES Quotes Every Gamer Should Know, Super Mario And The Seven Deadly Sins, and his Lessons Learned From Are You Afraid Of The Dark Series. It’s a goal of mine to one day be as good as him. I am still far from that goal. Check out his website at: http://www.sydlexia.com/

The Video Game Critic– Perhaps the best place for video game reviews on the entire entire internet. Whenever I review something, even if it’s non gaming related, I find that I am influenced by his writing, and especially his scoring system, which I ripped off for my reviews. Check out Dave’s site at: http://www.videogamecritic.com/

Maddox– Ah, yes, Maddox. An early example of an internet personality, and a great one, too. He’s been doing it since 1997. His rants are really the main inspiration for my rants. In fact, sometimes when I rant, I feel like a Maddox ripoff. If you want to check out the master of rants, then go to: http://maddox.xmission.com/

Every generic, shitty blog out there (initially)– Yes, when I first created this site, it was in the style of what I thought a typical blog was, and it suffered for it. It wasn’t terrible, but not good either. As you can see, I have improved tremendously since then. And I don’t even refer to Happy Katana as a blog anymore, because when I think of a standard blog, I think of online journals, and Happy Katana is much more than that. Hence, I refer to it as a website, not a blog.

So yeah, those are some of the sites that influenced my work. There are some others, but those are the main ones. Oh, and I’m not the only writer on the site. Here are the other writers.

Matt Kutruff– My cousin, I let him join because of his impressive work on his blog: http://deadlymatt.wordpress.com/ As of now, he still has yet to write anything. Come on, get on it, jackass (just kidding, I love ya dude)!

Brendan Hryciuk– My buddy from Canada and The Nintendo Domain. To be honest, I took a risk in making him a writer, as I wasn’t familiar with any of his writing, but that risk payed off, as he’s proven to be a great writer.

Ashley Daily– I can’t tell you how fucking happy I was when Ashley agreed to join. I’ve been friends with her for a few years, and I already knew she was an amazing writer, and she definitely shows that on this site.

Well, I hope this About Page was helpful for you. I think I gave you a fairly good introduction to the site and what we’re all about. If you have any questions or ideas, email me at billysnuffkins@yahoo.com. Make sure you let me know it’s about Happy Katana. Oh and like our Facebook page, too: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Happy-Katana/586458884702441

Well, in the meantime, keep reading our awesome articles, and we’ll keep writing them.


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