Hryciuk365’s Review of Resident Evil 4

Hey. I am new to the survival horror genre, and is there seriously any other better way to be introduced to it other than playing Resident Evil 4? I doubt it. Now, this review may look biased or generic, but this was my first experience playing the game.

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Hryciuk365’s Review of The Last Story

I patiently awaited for this game after hearing about it in 2010, but I was quite disappointed with it when I heard that it won’t be coming to NA… or so we thought. After it did come out, I got it about a month and a half later. I highly anticipated this game, and I will say flat out, it exceeded my expectations. Continue reading

Hryciuk365’s Paper Mario Sticker Star Review

Back during E3 2010, Paper Mario for the 3DS was announced. I was highly excited for the game since at the time, I beat both PM64 and SPM, and they were some of the greatest games I’ve ever played. A few months ago I beat TTYD, and finally this game came out. This was my most anticipated 3DS game, so does the new sticker idea work out great for this beloved series, or does it fail miserably? Here is my review of Paper Mario Sticker Star.

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BioShock Review

This review is back from February, and I don’t really like editing my original reviews, but here!

Well, I started BioShock a month and a half ago, after making it partway through Neptune’s Bounty I decided to quit since I didn’t understand what was going on at all, but my brother asked me this “Would you kindly just play the game?”, and that managed to work like it always does. 😛 I just beat it right before writing this review, and man, it was a fantastic game.

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I’m back!

Hey everyone, it’s Brendan. I haven’t blogged for over two weeks due to being busy with my personal life, but I’ve found time to do it again. As for my blogs that I write about, I am discontinuing the sports one because very few people have interest in it, plus I don’t want my own personal bias to get in the way of other peoples opinions.

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Lovely Work Experience!

All right, it’s Brendan, and I guess I’ll also be writing about whatever is going on in my daily life whenever I feel in the mood to.

This week for school, my whole grade is away on work experience, where basically we miss a week of school to go to work with a parent or whoever you want that has a very good career. I’ve been planning this for at least over a year now, but I’ve decided to go to work experience with my dad.

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What’s New In Hockey? Part 1

What’s new in the good ol’ world of hockey you ask? A good amount, indeed.

Starting off with the WHL, but oh wait, you may have never heard of the WHL. Well, let me explain it as easy as possible. The Canadian Hockey League consists of three leagues, the Western Hockey League, the Ontario Hockey League, and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Every three years, the same league will get to host the MasterCard Memorial Cup, while whoever wins each league in the playoffs will go to the Memorial Cup, and the host team gets a bye into the tournament. If the home team wins the playoffs, the team that they beat in the finals will also be entered into the tournament despite losing. The Memorial Cup has been said to be one of the hardest championships to ever win in the history of sports, due to you only get a maximum of five years to win it, depending on how old you are when you make the league.

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Skyward Sword Review


This is a review I wrote over a year ago. Although it may look like there is some bias here, it was all written with facts and the point of view of everyone in mind.

I beat Twilight Princess back in January of 2007, but the thing is I didn’t hear about a new console Zelda game until E3 2009, although I did wait almost five years for it. Upon hearing about it, I couldn’t wait to see what it would be like. After looking at the artwork, I knew the graphics would be something beautiful, and I had many dreams of what the game would be like. After a long LONG wait, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword finally hit stores on November 20th, 2011.

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