Dookie Album Review (Green Day Retrospective)

So, to start our retrospective we have to start at what gave them their popularity, Dookie. Please remember that this is based on opinions. Don’t be sending hate if my opinion is not yours. So, without further ado, here is Dookie.

Dookie is Green Day’s debut studio album and their best selling album to date. It stuck with the more punk sound of their two previous albums and is an absolutely amazing sounding album. Vinyl, CD, or on my iPod, I just love listening to it. In my retrospective series, we will go track by track with a little review of each song; then a quick review of the album itself; and then end it off with an overall score. So, on to the review


This song just blasts you in the face with sound. It doesn’t waste time to kick you in the face with drum and vocals. It’s a fast paced song and gets you pumped up for the rest of the album. A great song to start off the album. The lyrics repeat, which is kind of crappy, but the sound of the song is just great.

Having a Blast

A bit more of a slow song, but the vocals are a lot better than the first song and the song feels a bit more well constructed than Burnout. The beat is really nice and it’s just an overall amazing song to listen to. One of my personal favorites on the album.


To be honest, I have not listened to this one very much. Whenever I listened to Dookie I would always skip this one, I don’t really know why. So, this is basically a review based on listening to it once. Well…it’s okay. Honestly, it sounds a lot like Having a Blast to me and not original so I’m gonna say it’s not really worth a listen. The little bass thing towards the middle is pretty cool though.


One of the most famous songs by Green Day. Anyone who hears that guitar riff in the beginning gets chills down their spine. Anyone who knows Dookie will know the lyrics to this song by heart. This song is just an absolute staple in the “Greeniverse”. If you’re going to listen to Green Day, listen to this song.

Welcome to Paradise

Another staple song in the “Greeniverse”. If you’re a Green Day fan and don’t know the lyrics to this song then go home, you’re drunk. The bass work done in this song is absolutely spectacular and Tre did wonderful on drums, as always. This song will put you in “paradise”.

Pulling Teeth

Another song I didn’t listen to a lot. I wish I had though, because this song is really good. This song is more for the vocals and lyrics, and it is very solid. Listening to this song made me smile with it’s harmony. So, if that is more of what you were looking for, then listen to this song.

Basket Case

Yes. YES. YES! This song is one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. The lyrics are just engraved in my brain. The guitar part in this song is engraved in my brain. This song is engraved in my brain. To listen to one of the greatest punk songs of all time, then listen to this song. Seriously, just listen to it…right now.


Another slower paced song, but another one made more for vocals and lyrics, and they are again solid. I found myself bobbing my head to the music. It’s a pretty catchy song and another great showing of Armstrong’s guitar skills.

Sassafras Roots

Personally…I’m not a fan of this song. Yeah, I know, I should be because from what I can tell from fans is that this is a well-liked song from Green Day. I do love the instrumental part of the song, but the lyrics and vocals of this one just fell flat with me. Don’t kill me…

When I Come Around

Oh my Morgan Freeman yes! This song is just absolute ecstasy. Another one of my favorite songs of all time. The lyrics are wonderful, the guitar riff is wonderful, Tre on drums is wonderful…just everything about this song is wonderful. Listen to it…NOW!

Coming Clean

A nice little short song to start closing off the album. The song never really stops being fast-paced and it makes it a great song to listen to when trying to staying awake or wanting to be pumped up. A song not really here for the lyrics, but the instrumental, and the instrumental is spot on.

Emenius Sleepus

Another short song, but this time more emphasis on vocals and lyrics, and while good, I think it could have been better. I love the little part about half-way where it slows down but other than that the song is just decent.

In the End

Be careful with headphones on this one. Just like Burnout it punches you in the crotch with sound. It’s a nice and welcomed change in the sound and, after Emenius Sleepus, it’s great to listen to.


Going from In the End‘s fast-paced, guitar riffing sound to this more acoustic sounding slower-paced song is a noticeably drastic change…that is until about 1:45 into the song and sound kills your ear drum! My god do I love it when that happens and this song is a blast to listen to.

All By Myself

An absolutely hilarious song by Tre and a great way to end the album. It’s a hidden track added on to the end of F.O.D. and it makes me laugh everytime I listen to it. There isn’t much to say about it other than it is an absolutely hilarious masterpiece of writing.


So, we went through every song on the album. As you can see, the songs on the album are , for the most part, all fantastic.Other than a few songs, I love every song on Dookie. Most of Dookie is fast-paced and very fun to listen to. The writing can be very smart at times and just an absolute blast to sing along with. The guitar/bass work is phenomenal and the drums just perfect. So, I would have given Dookie a perfect score if it wasn’t for those songs that fell short. If you like fast-paced punk music, this is the album for you.

Lyrics: 9/10

Guitar/Bass: 10/10

Drums: 10/10

Vocals: 8/10

Flow: 6/10

Overall Score: 8.6/10


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In Utero

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I would like to thank everyone who voted. I appreciate it. You guys made possible the first ever viewer choice article on my blog and the first album review. So thank you, and don’t forget to spread the word about The Greatest Blog Of All Time.

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