Pokemon Review #7- Squirtle


Okay, so who doesn’t love the little guy? If you say you don’t, I will castrate you in front of your mother. Anyway, Squirtle is awesome, and the perfect introduction to Water types. First, he’s a turtle, and as anyone with a fuctioning brain will tell you, turtles are some of the best animals to exist. He’s adorable as hell, and while some people may only like the badasses of Pokemon, I love the cute Pokemon, too. His stats are pretty good for a 1st stage evolution. And am I the only one who thinks he looks cooler than ice with his shades on? The best part is, he gets even better as he evolves.

Grade: A+


I’m Not Dead

What’s this? An actual post on Happy Katana? What kind of Twilight Zone shit is this? So yeah, by now you probably thought Happy Katana was dead and would never come back. Well, I’m here to say that it is not dead, but it’s been on a sort of hiatus. You see, I haven’t had access to a computer in quite a long time until now. And don’t give me that “use a phone or iPod” crap, either, because WordPress doesn’t work for shit on mobile devices.

But yeah, the last post on here was in November, and honestly, I’m embarrassed, especially since I wasn’t exactly posting frequently then, either. I mean, this isn’t freaking Sydlexia. I kid, I kid. So, yeah, I hope to get this site back in order and return it to its former glory. You know, back in 2013, when I posted frequently and the future looked bright before my articles became more and more sparse. I plan to get some Pokémon reviews knocked out, and also finish my interview with a certain internet personality. Hopefully, the Happy Katana revival will be sooner, rather than later.

Pokemon Review #6: Charizard


Now we’re talking! Do I even have to explain what makes Charizard so great? Well, seeing as how this is a review, I guess I have to. There’s a small but vocal minority who believes that Charizard is overrated. He is not. Charizard is the shit. I don’t care what those people say, Charizard is one of the greatest Pokemon of all time. Everything about him is amazing.

I love Charizard’s design. First of all, his new wings are simply awesome. They add to Charizard’s draconian design, and they make him look quite intimidating. Then there’s his tail, which is much longer than his previous Evolutions. The flame at the end is also bigger, and once again, it looks awesome. I love his Mega Evolutions, too (I’ll explain why I haven’t reviewed any Megas when I’m finished reviewing all the Starters). I also love the cocky  look on his face. It’s like he’s saying “Yeah, I’m a badass, and Imma fuck your shit up. What are ya gonna do about it?”

Charizard in the anime is one of the most memorable Pokemon. Simply put, he’s a bigger dick than Charmeleon is. Seriously, he does not listen to a thing Ash tells him, and he has a complete and utter lack of respect for him. He certainly knocked Ash off his pedestal, that’s for sure. However, he has matured a lot over the series. After moving to the Charizard Valley, he grew a lot as a Pokemon. Any time Ash met up with him again, he had a lot more respect for him and grew to become a loyal companion, even if he was no longer Ash’s Pokemon.

There’s no other way to say it, Charizard is the perfect Starter. He has absolutely no flaws. Okay, so his stats aren’t as great as most people think, and according to Smogon, he’s the worst Gen 1 starter competitively. He also has a crippling 4x weakness to Rock, but screw that noise. Charizard is awesome in almost every way. There’s a reason so many people love him, even if some find him overrated. When it comes to Pokemon, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Grade: A+

Dookie Album Review (Green Day Retrospective)

So, to start our retrospective we have to start at what gave them their popularity, Dookie. Please remember that this is based on opinions. Don’t be sending hate if my opinion is not yours. So, without further ado, here is Dookie.

Dookie is Green Day’s debut studio album and their best selling album to date. It stuck with the more punk sound of their two previous albums and is an absolutely amazing sounding album. Vinyl, CD, or on my iPod, I just love listening to it. In my retrospective series, we will go track by track with a little review of each song; then a quick review of the album itself; and then end it off with an overall score. So, on to the review


This song just blasts you in the face with sound. It doesn’t waste time to kick you in the face with drum and vocals. It’s a fast paced song and gets you pumped up for the rest of the album. A great song to start off the album. The lyrics repeat, which is kind of crappy, but the sound of the song is just great.

Having a Blast

A bit more of a slow song, but the vocals are a lot better than the first song and the song feels a bit more well constructed than Burnout. The beat is really nice and it’s just an overall amazing song to listen to. One of my personal favorites on the album.


To be honest, I have not listened to this one very much. Whenever I listened to Dookie I would always skip this one, I don’t really know why. So, this is basically a review based on listening to it once. Well…it’s okay. Honestly, it sounds a lot like Having a Blast to me and not original so I’m gonna say it’s not really worth a listen. The little bass thing towards the middle is pretty cool though.


One of the most famous songs by Green Day. Anyone who hears that guitar riff in the beginning gets chills down their spine. Anyone who knows Dookie will know the lyrics to this song by heart. This song is just an absolute staple in the “Greeniverse”. If you’re going to listen to Green Day, listen to this song.

Welcome to Paradise

Another staple song in the “Greeniverse”. If you’re a Green Day fan and don’t know the lyrics to this song then go home, you’re drunk. The bass work done in this song is absolutely spectacular and Tre did wonderful on drums, as always. This song will put you in “paradise”.

Pulling Teeth

Another song I didn’t listen to a lot. I wish I had though, because this song is really good. This song is more for the vocals and lyrics, and it is very solid. Listening to this song made me smile with it’s harmony. So, if that is more of what you were looking for, then listen to this song.

Basket Case

Yes. YES. YES! This song is one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. The lyrics are just engraved in my brain. The guitar part in this song is engraved in my brain. This song is engraved in my brain. To listen to one of the greatest punk songs of all time, then listen to this song. Seriously, just listen to it…right now.


Another slower paced song, but another one made more for vocals and lyrics, and they are again solid. I found myself bobbing my head to the music. It’s a pretty catchy song and another great showing of Armstrong’s guitar skills.

Sassafras Roots

Personally…I’m not a fan of this song. Yeah, I know, I should be because from what I can tell from fans is that this is a well-liked song from Green Day. I do love the instrumental part of the song, but the lyrics and vocals of this one just fell flat with me. Don’t kill me…

When I Come Around

Oh my Morgan Freeman yes! This song is just absolute ecstasy. Another one of my favorite songs of all time. The lyrics are wonderful, the guitar riff is wonderful, Tre on drums is wonderful…just everything about this song is wonderful. Listen to it…NOW!

Coming Clean

A nice little short song to start closing off the album. The song never really stops being fast-paced and it makes it a great song to listen to when trying to staying awake or wanting to be pumped up. A song not really here for the lyrics, but the instrumental, and the instrumental is spot on.

Emenius Sleepus

Another short song, but this time more emphasis on vocals and lyrics, and while good, I think it could have been better. I love the little part about half-way where it slows down but other than that the song is just decent.

In the End

Be careful with headphones on this one. Just like Burnout it punches you in the crotch with sound. It’s a nice and welcomed change in the sound and, after Emenius Sleepus, it’s great to listen to.


Going from In the End‘s fast-paced, guitar riffing sound to this more acoustic sounding slower-paced song is a noticeably drastic change…that is until about 1:45 into the song and sound kills your ear drum! My god do I love it when that happens and this song is a blast to listen to.

All By Myself

An absolutely hilarious song by Tre and a great way to end the album. It’s a hidden track added on to the end of F.O.D. and it makes me laugh everytime I listen to it. There isn’t much to say about it other than it is an absolutely hilarious masterpiece of writing.


So, we went through every song on the album. As you can see, the songs on the album are , for the most part, all fantastic.Other than a few songs, I love every song on Dookie. Most of Dookie is fast-paced and very fun to listen to. The writing can be very smart at times and just an absolute blast to sing along with. The guitar/bass work is phenomenal and the drums just perfect. So, I would have given Dookie a perfect score if it wasn’t for those songs that fell short. If you like fast-paced punk music, this is the album for you.

Lyrics: 9/10

Guitar/Bass: 10/10

Drums: 10/10

Vocals: 8/10

Flow: 6/10

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Pokemon Review #5: Charmeleon


Okay, so Charmeleon suffers from Middle Stage Evolution Disorder, but only slightly. I mean, Charmander is the perfect Starter (if you like Fire Types, that is), and Charizard is incredibly awesome, one of the greatest Pokemon of all time. You really can’t blame poor Charmeleon for not living up, you know? Saying that, Charmeleon is really cool on his own merits.

First of all, I like the crest on his head and his bigger claws. It foreshadows his evolution to Charizard, which is nice. I also like how the flame on his tail got bigger. Sometimes, I love the little things like that. Some people may criticize the fact that Charmander and Charizard are the same color, while Charmeleon is a darker shade of orange, but I see that as being a unique trait.

Charmeleon in the anime was great. Seriously, he was a dick to Ash. Like, hardcore. I love it. See, while Charmander was the adorable baby dragon that adored his trainer, Charmeleon was like the teenage dragon who had no respect for anyone. Only, he didn’t really grow up once he was an adult until later in the series, but we’ll get to that in my next review. Overall, Charmeleon is another great Pokemon, even if he isn’t as memorable as the others in his evolutionary line.

Grade: A

Pokemon Review #4: Charmander


And now we move on to the Starter that almost everyone chose at the beginning of Pokemon Red/Blue. And why the hell wouldn’t he be the starter of choice for most Pokemon fans?

Bulbasaur and Squirtle are great, but Charmander is the definition of a perfect starter. He’s a Fire Type, and trying not to sound like a Genwunner, Gen 1 Fire Types are almost unanimously amazing. He’s adorable as all hell. He’s a cute baby dragon that eventually evolves into a badass adult dragon. The flame on his tail is cool (hot?) as hell. It’s also essential to his survival, as he will die if it extinguishes. Everything about his design screams awesome. And the whole Charmander line is absolutely superb.

Charmander in the anime is also great. His loyalty to Damian is heartbreaking, as Damian is a worthless trainer who vainly places emphasis on strong Pokemon instead of caring about the Pokemon he has and he has selfish motivations. When Ash rescues Charmander from a thunderstorm that he got caught in waiting for Damian, that really warmed my heart. I know there’s an Ash hate bandwagon nowadays that just loves to talk about how inferior he is to Red, but fuck those people. Actions like this are what make me love Ash. In addition, Charmander had one of my favorite voices in the anime. It was so goddamn adorable. And Charmander was the only one in his line that had any respect for Ash. Seriously, Charmeleon and Charizard were dicks.

Grade: A+

Pokemon Review #3: Venusaur


This is a Pokemon that I disagree with NAPACE on. He doesn’t care for Venusaur. I love Venusaur. I still prefer Bulbasaur, but Venusaur is pretty damn awesome in his own right.

I love how the bulb from Bulbasaur eventually blossoms into the magnificent flower you see before you. Seriously, that thing is pretty awesome. And Venusaur’s big, bulky frame is a definite plus, in my opinion. It makes Venusaur look like an intimidating badass. Combine this with his face that just says “Come at me, bro. See what happens.” His design does everything right.

Though often snubbed in favor of Charizard and Blastoise, Venusaur is actually a higher tiered Pokemon than either of them, according to Smogon, and more useful in battle. Behold, the Venusaur Renaissance is here. Er, kind of. People still seem to prefer the other two (myself included). Whatever. Venusaur is a great Pokemon regardless. Especially since his name rhymes with Penisaur. Heh heh. As you can tell, I am a very mature person with a rather sophisticated sense of humor.

Grade: A+

Pokemon Review #2: Ivysaur



Ivysaur suffers from what I like to call “Middle Stage Evolution Disorder.” It’s a disorder in which the Middle Stage Pokemon aren’t as memorable, and frankly, not as good as either their pre-evolved forms or their final Evolutions. Unfortunately, many Pokemon suffer from this condition, and Ivysaur is merely the first in a long line of these poor guys.

That’s not to say that Ivysaur is a bad Pokemon. Far from it. It’s just that he’s not as cool as either Bulbasaur or Venusaur. But Ivysaur is a good Pokemon in his own right. I like the new bulb on his back, even if it got smaller and changed color. The leaves are a nice touch, His teeth are also sharper than Bulbasaur’s, which is a plus in my opinion. And as opposed to Bulbasaur’s happy, smiley face, Ivysaur looks far more serious and stoic, which is quite cool.

But where MSED really starts to become apparent is in his basic design. I mean, if you take away the new bulb, he looks pretty much looks like a slightly bigger Bulbasaur with sharper teeth and a more serious face. It’s not the most creative design, is what I’m getting at. Also, I can’t recall any really memorable moments involving Ivysaur in the anime. But all in all, Ivysaur is still a really good Pokemon.

Grade: B+

Pokemon Review #1: Bulbasaur


Bulbasaur is the first Pokemon in the Pokedex, and what a great Pokemon to start out with. You know, I kinda feel bad for Bulbasaur, and really, all the Grass Starters. Generally speaking, the Grass Starters are ignored in favor of the Fire Starters or maybe the Water Starters. Thankfully, in Yellow, I didn’t have to feel sorry for Bulbasaur since you got all three Kanto Starters in the game. Hey Gamefreak, where’s my Pokemon Electric Yellow remake?

Pity aside, I really like the concept of Bulbasaur. Dinosaurs are awesome, and I love the concept of animal/plant hybrids (just ask the Pikmin, they’ll tell ya). Combine the two, and the result is great. The bulb on his back is a nice touch, especially when you see this little guy perform a freaking Solarbeam out of it. I also like his eyes. Adding red eyes to anything instantly makes it cooler. And c’mon, Bulbasaur is just adorable.

Another thing I like is that Ash’s Bulbasaur is a very caring and protective Pokemon, from protecting those Pokemon in the Hidden Village to soothing Togepi and calming him down in the first movie. I could totally imagine Bulbasaur being a great father some day. And you know what? That is really awesome.

Grade: A+

Introducing: Pokemon Reviews

Hello there, everyone. Today, I am going to start something new at Happy Katana. I am going to start reviewing Pokemon. I was influenced by the excellent Not All Pokemon Are Created Equal, which is one of my absolute favorite Pokemon sites, if not my favorite. Basically, his blog is him reviewing every single Pokemon. And it’s awesome. I was reading his reviews and thought “Hey, why can’t I do that?” A few reasons behind this:

1. I love NAPACE. Fantastic site, and I’d love to see more sites do that.

2. I love Pokemon. It’s probably my third favorite video game series of all time. And I would love to review them.

3. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t done the best job of updating the site frequently for a while now. There are a lot of articles I have in development right now (I promise, I’ll have the second part of my GameCube article and my big SpongeBob project finished at some point) and not enough finished. I have been doing a shitty job of writing on a consistent basis. This is something that will provide more content for the site. The reviews will be short and sweet, which will be significantly easier and less time consuming to write. Also, I like to think writing these reviews will help get me out of the writer’s block rut that I’m in and will inspire me to start writing more. Don’t think these reviews are just filler, though, and that I’m only writing them to keep the site updated. No, I’m reviewing the Pokemon because I love the series, and it’s something I would legitimately love to do. Seriously, this is going to be so much fun. More content is just icing on the cake.

Lo and behold, here we are. I do want to note that my scoring system will be different from his. While he uses a more traditional 1-10 scale, I will be using a letter grade scale. I always preferred that method of scoring than the 1-10 score. Without further adieu, let the reviews begin